Not that I need to post doods with skin tight outfits to my blog, but Spidey is Spidey. And this webby looking Carbon Fibery outfit of coolness allows him to slip through the air and pull a wallop of doom on the bad guys for this next movie.

So, there… Take it like the nerds that you are…. And be One with the Spidey.

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SPIDERMAN 4 Set Photos…

A while back I posted that we’re doing a variety of vehicles for SPIDERMAN 4 at the shop. We’ll, here are a few on set, along with Spidey himself. (And he’s got new duds, too!) Source: FirstShowing

Upcoming Movie COOLNESS…

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Yea, there’s a lot goin’ on in Hollywood right now. Especially with Superheroes. Case in point, Mickey Rourke in IRON MAN 2, this cool shot from TRANSFORMERS 2, Jimmy Cameron’s Power Loader-esque contraption from AVATAR (Seen here at the Licensing Show), SPIDERMAN 2 and such.

Serious destruction coming… Maybe I should take a bath and relax before all hell breaks loose.

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