Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides has LAUNCHED!

Wow, what an exciting time! It’s been over 2 years since I did the very first sketch for my new kid’s book and big thanks to Design Studio Press, it’s now available on Amazon (Soon in Barnes & Noble and everywhere else) for Pre-Order. There’s a very good chance that if you get one now, it’ll be here for Christmas. But if not, shortly after.

It’s quite a humbling experience that this book is finally out and quite unbelievable. Just goes to show that small steps can add up to great things. There are no Kid’s Car Books and haven’t been any since Richard Scarry’s Busytown in the 60’s. And with so many of us being cars guys and girls with kids, and want to share out passions with them, it was about time.

I’m very excited, truly humbled and joyous to bring you guys a book that hopefully you’ll love to read with your kids, friends and family. I did my best and rest assured, more books are on the way that get even crazier!

Stay tuned for updates on signings and event goofs for 2013, but I’ll be everywhere next year and look forward to seeing you guys. Maybe even The LA Auto Show next week!

Join me in creating a billion smiles through cool cars… It’s just the best thing in the world. And have a great Holiday Season!