Oor so they say… until Kathleen Kennedy says “That’s Baloney!” BUT,… from a trusted source inside Lucasfilm… these 4 details emerge.


1. Star Wars Episode VII will be set 30 years after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. No Ewoks, thank GOD.

2. It will indeed feature the Skywalker/Solo kids coming to the peak of their powers. A son and a daughter? Two sons? Will they Tweet?

3. The Jedi Order has been rebuilt with Luke Skywalker as Grand Master. ‘Bout time.

4. A disciple of Emperor Palpatine aims to rebuild the Sith Armies of the Old Republic and destroy the Jedi where the Skywalker childrenĀ  will be thrust into battle and face their inner demons of their Skywalker lineage. Badassness ensues.

More as this EXPLODES or gets debunked, but one thing’s for sure… There will be a cameo by Samuel Jackson, ’cause there is in EVERY movie.

MOVIEBITS… Star Wars, Man of Steel,


Here’s a bit of this & a bit of that. Great SW EP7 Poster of an older Luke Skywalker for by artist NOTO, the Exclusive new Total Film Cover with MAN OF STEEL (above) and a Behind-The-Scenes shot from the music session for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

luke-skywalker-episode-VII_Fireball-Tim1 Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-scoring-session-3-550x550