Birthday Kid coming up? Fireball’s got the answer with this BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES!

Chock full of every state as Hot Rods, Airplanes and wild vehicles, your child or grandchild will learn the coolest things about the U.S. of A from THE BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES! From FLAGS to CAPITOLS to ANIMALS! A fun travel book, too! SNAG ONE ON AMAZON HERE!

Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #MONTANA! @visitmontana @mtpublicradio @charlesbridge @5puntosbooks @GreatKidsMags @CrabtreePub


Big Sky is all MONTANA for today’s Wacky State! Did you know it’s the only state with a Race Track in the Sky? Oh, yes…


Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #MICHIGAN #Detroit #PureMichigan @freep @CamiloPardoArt @MichiganRadio @HuffPostDetroit


Today it’s MICHIGAN!! Yes, the Car Capitol of the world and also the White Tail DeerSub. Just sayin…’

(New State Daily!!)

Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #MAINE … @visitmaine @bangordailynews #State @AndrewsMcMeel @childrenstories @AlbertWhitman


What? TOOTHPICKS were invented in MAINE? I bet that was an accidental surprise…

(New State every day… ‘casue I can.)


Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #KENTUCKY @KentuckyTourism @KentuckyDerby @pengiunusa @POFpress @capstonepub


Welcome to the KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS DERBY where everyone’s a Winna! Twang…

(New STATE from the Blog every day until all are Wacked!)


Today’s WACKY STATE!! It’s #KANSAS #Art @curiousfoxbooks @flashlightpress @cityoftopeka #FireballTim @VisitTopeka @Melissa_Brunner


Ok, so don’t be putting up your sails in Dodge City, KANSAS! You blow into the next state! Ouch, I stubbed my TOPEKA!!!

(A new STATE everyday, or else!!)


Today’s WACKY STATE! It’s #IOWA #Strawberry @Travel_Iowa @DMRegister @IowaPublicTV @IowaJournal #DesMoine #Art #Corn


IOWA! The land of the Snow Chicken! Also home of the World’s Largest Strawberry...

Check back daily for a NEW STATE!



BIG BOOK of Wacky States finally goes to Prototype… #states #childrensbook #kids

Ok, so all the states are now done and the book leaves next week to be Prototyped after 1 year of design. Also will be showing it to a variety of key people for proofreading and such to make sure it’s wacky enough. Very exciting stuff… and to celebrate… here’s IDAHO!!