STATION WAGONS Sketch #8 complete with only 12 to go for the launch of our new Coloring Book!! Someone grab a hold of my shorts!!

Fireball’s pen is lightning speed and sketch #8 (1966 Ford Falcon Wagon) is in the can! This is going to be the sickest and craziest STATION WAGONS Coloring Book ever! Oh wait, no one has ever done a book on Wagons… so BAAAAM!!! In the FACE!!

Launches September 1st on Amazon here. Do you dare attempt to COLOR?? Oh, you better…

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Crazy-ass Fireball STATION WAGON Coloring Book coming in September…

Sure, we could do a Coloring Book featuring regular Station Wagons like this 1993 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony, but anyone who can draw… can do that!

Here at Fireball Publishing… we do the unexpected. So… if you’re thinking that you’ll see REGULAR Wagons in this book, think again.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see your favorite Wagons. Just… modified slightly. Or WACKADOOOLIEEEEEEE!!!!! Out SEPTEMBER 1st after the TONY DOW Book!

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