ZERO – Today’s SciFi HyperShort by Anthony Lawrence (Fireball Pop) #scifi #sciencefiction #story #superhero


Today brings a Superhero adventure from the mind of Fireball Pop. And as always… a twist at the end. See if you can get your “claws” into this one…

“ZERO”  by Anthony Lawrence

This is Mark Begich for Internews Flashpoint bringing you what appears to be the final report on the disastrous results of the first APT Mission for the U.S. Civilian Space Program.  As everyone around the globe must know by now, Commander James Autry and his wife, Amy, were sent to the International Space Station on a three-year mission as the first APT (Astronaut Procreation Team) whose sole purpose was to provide humankind the first child born in zero gravity.

The entire world has followed this incredible event from the moment of conception to the birth of the little boy who was aptly named “Zero.” Amy Autry’s progress had been monitored constantly as she went about her business on the ISS while getting larger day-by-day and happily giving the entire world reports of her condition and the birth of a very special child.

We all remember those tense moments as Amy, enclosed in a specially designed space birth capsule, finally gave the world that beautiful and perfect ten-pound baby boy. Every step of the way was controlled by robotic instrumentation that was carefully overseen by Astronaut OB-GYN, Dr. Kate Arlington.  Because of the zero gravity conditions, a special vacuum system kept the sealed birth capsule perfectly clean and sterile.

But it was the tiny boy, Zero, himself that made the world look up with wonder and admiration. Not only was this miracle boy soon flying around the zero gravity environment with little concern for bumps and bruises, but upon being brought back to earth, he startled not only the scientific world, but all of mankind by revealing that being born in zero gravity had affected his entire bio-system. Mutating genomes and a totally different molecular structure seemed to create an anti-gravity aura around his body that allowed him, without wings, to fly like a bird.

By age four, Zero was flying everywhere in the super-hero suit awarded him by the U.S. government, in the colors of the endangered species and national bird, the Bald Eagle, black cloak with white hood, and yellow shoes like the eagle’s talons. Millions of photos were taken of Zero as he darted through the air in beautifully executed aerial maneuvers, cape billowing out like wings.

Then, came the great tragedy when the Bald Eagle was removed from the endangered list and once again became a game species.

TIME BOMB… A Sci-Fi HyperShort from Anthony Lawrence… #scifi #shortstory #story #sciencefiction

It’s Monday, and that means that it’s time for another HyperShort from Fireball Pop (Anthony Lawrence). This time, involving Space Travel. Get ready for a coolest in Sci-Fi jaunts ever…



By Anthony Lawrence

“What are you saying?”

“It should be obvious.”

“No more sex? No love-making?”

Carline’s laugh was musical. “Certainly not in the sense that you’ve explained it.”

The Traveler had contemplated the changes in patterns of life and love that might take place in the future. He had accepted many of the things he had seen as he had advanced through time on his other expeditions. He had learned much about quantum mechanics and synchronicity. He was relieved that man and machine had not yet merged and become one. They were still helping each other and that was a good thing.

Humankind had managed to ride out the worst of climate change by curbing the use of fossil fuels. The advances in technology were truly unbelievable. Nanotechnology had made practically anything possible. Anti-gravity cars whirled overhead, through and around curving skyways that arched from tower to tower.  The colors that surrounded him were stunning and beautiful. Not only had all architecture become canvasses for superb street artists, the skin colors and tats of the people around him were dazzling in their unique diversity, covering the entire range of the rainbow and imagination.

But it was the androgynous thing that bothered him. Carline had explained that the best of women and the best of men had combined in generations to produce just one sex. It was all that was really needed.  Technology was able to supply orgasm and babies, so now they simply reveled in kindness and affection. Carline laughed again and he (she) wrapped both arms around the Traveler’s neck and kissed him warmly on both cheeks.

“For us,” Carline said exultantly, “beauty, excitement, danger or delicious sensuality is programmed to enhance one another. Stay with us and see what a truly wonderful world we have made.”

But it was a bit too much for the Traveler to accept. He liked the unstructured, somewhat chaotic life he had left behind. So he used the “router” in his head and his knowledge of quantum mechanics to head home. He was quite unaware that a surprise would be awaiting him. Carline’s simple affectionate embrace had made some unique changes in the Traveler’s molecular and biomechanical structure. He had become pregnant


VASHTI by Anthony Lawrence (Fireball Pop) #shortstory #story #scifi @scifi


Today begins a unique Series

I was talking with Fireball Pop (Anthony Lawrence) about the idea of publishing what we call Hyper-Short SciFi Stories. 1-pagers from the mind of a Sci-Fi Master that would bring the reader into a whole new world. You know Fireball Pop. He’s written Sci-Fi for Outer Limits, Twilight Zone and tons more. The result…

Here’s Story #1. Entitled simply… VASHTI. Enjoy, and let me hear your thoughts in the comments below! If you guys like them, we’ll keep ’em coming.

“VASHTI” by Anthony Lawrence

Her name was Stephanie Gates.

I had to admit she was beautiful. If I could have taken sex out of the equation, and I’m not sure I could, I would say that the design and symmetry of her body was beyond Playboy or Vargas or even Botticelli.

She was an astro-physicist who had been working with me at NASA on the AI Land Rover program that had been recently geared to seeking out “Goldilocks” planets for terra-forming. I had been Chief astro-design officer leading a science group that had been using advances in nanotechnology and quantum mechanics to create a system for a Land Rover that operated more like human intelligence than anything seen previously.

But something happened to Stephanie that she could never have anticipated. She was dying of brain cancer and had only so much time left to live. That’s when she decided to do something very daring and very dangerous. Secretly, over a period of months, using a technique she had invented, she downloaded everything that she could from her own mind into the Land Rover’s computer system.  She wanted to be an integral part of its thinking, allow it to make human decisions, and possibly in some unique way keep her consciousness alive inside the computer.

She told me it actually worked, but something else happened that she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams.

Molecular robots in the computer system, like programmed antibodies, began a unilateral process of positional assembly and self-replication that created a whole new living being. It was a being that had the ability to also create form and substance. It called itself “Vashti.”

“I can alter atomic structure, make myself into anything I want,” she said softly, with that perfect smile. This is my human form. Would you like to see what I looked like before?”

I stared at her loveliness, uncertain that I was prepared for what might come. Then, I nodded.

The metamorphosis began in her eyes, just a slight glowing in the pupils at first, then a brilliant flow of multi-colored light. It seemed a kind of bioluminescence that was radiating outward from her eyes and surging around her head. The next impression I had was that of a metallic sheen that flowed like molten steel, encompassing her entire head, turning it from flesh and hair into a shining dome.