ZERO – Today’s SciFi HyperShort by Anthony Lawrence (Fireball Pop) #scifi #sciencefiction #story #superhero


Today brings a Superhero adventure from the mind of Fireball Pop. And as always… a twist at the end. See if you can get your “claws” into this one…

“ZERO”  by Anthony Lawrence

This is Mark Begich for Internews Flashpoint bringing you what appears to be the final report on the disastrous results of the first APT Mission for the U.S. Civilian Space Program.  As everyone around the globe must know by now, Commander James Autry and his wife, Amy, were sent to the International Space Station on a three-year mission as the first APT (Astronaut Procreation Team) whose sole purpose was to provide humankind the first child born in zero gravity.

The entire world has followed this incredible event from the moment of conception to the birth of the little boy who was aptly named “Zero.” Amy Autry’s progress had been monitored constantly as she went about her business on the ISS while getting larger day-by-day and happily giving the entire world reports of her condition and the birth of a very special child.

We all remember those tense moments as Amy, enclosed in a specially designed space birth capsule, finally gave the world that beautiful and perfect ten-pound baby boy. Every step of the way was controlled by robotic instrumentation that was carefully overseen by Astronaut OB-GYN, Dr. Kate Arlington.  Because of the zero gravity conditions, a special vacuum system kept the sealed birth capsule perfectly clean and sterile.

But it was the tiny boy, Zero, himself that made the world look up with wonder and admiration. Not only was this miracle boy soon flying around the zero gravity environment with little concern for bumps and bruises, but upon being brought back to earth, he startled not only the scientific world, but all of mankind by revealing that being born in zero gravity had affected his entire bio-system. Mutating genomes and a totally different molecular structure seemed to create an anti-gravity aura around his body that allowed him, without wings, to fly like a bird.

By age four, Zero was flying everywhere in the super-hero suit awarded him by the U.S. government, in the colors of the endangered species and national bird, the Bald Eagle, black cloak with white hood, and yellow shoes like the eagle’s talons. Millions of photos were taken of Zero as he darted through the air in beautifully executed aerial maneuvers, cape billowing out like wings.

Then, came the great tragedy when the Bald Eagle was removed from the endangered list and once again became a game species.

LEGACY… A SciFi HyperShort by Anthony Lawrence #scifi #sciencefiction #shortstory #story


Today brings another unique SciFi HyperShort by Fireball Pop. A Time-Travel Assassin? Holy cow, just you wait.

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“LEGACY”   by Anthony Lawrence

“Are you serious?” asked Desmond with that same smirk he always used to make me feel small.

“Dead serious.”

“You believe that shit?”

“I’ve seen evidence.”

Of what?  Genetic memory?”

I nodded grimly, the pain rising.

“Genetic instructions. A killing gene.”

“You’ve been playing too many of those video games.”

We arrived at his intersection and Desmond paused before he got out of the Phantom. I waved at him and smiled slightly.

“It exists, Des. Memories of our ancestors.”

“Sometimes I worry about you, Avery.”

He smirked again, then shut the door and was quickly swallowed up in the mass of people entering the State Department. The chauffeur moved the Phantom back into traffic and I slipped back into memory as the pain rose swiftly.

I could see it just as clearly as I now saw the summer day. As I separated the black curtains I could dimly hear voices of the actors in Our American Cousin coming from the stage. He was sitting there in front of me next to his wife. I stepped into the box and shot him in the head with my revolver. Then, I jumped from the box onto the stage and cried out “Sic semper tyrannis!” before I escaped through the back of the theatre.

The Phantom continued on down Pennsylvania Avenue as I sat in the back, both the pain and memories rising in concert. It always happened that way, the genetic instructions searing through my body and head like fire.

I was there in Dealey Plaza and I watched the presidential limousine as it made its way just beyond the Texas Schoolbook Depository. But I wasn’t up in that window. I wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald. I had my own vantage point and my own rifle with telescopic sight.  I lined up the shot and I did what I had been told to do. I killed the president that November in 1963, and to this day no one knows the truth.

“Step on it, Murray,” I said to the Phantom driver, “I’m late for the presidential lunch.”


AUTONOMY Hyper-Short Story by Anthony Lawrence #story #scifi #shortstory #autonomy #sciencefiction

Another great story by my Pop, Tony. You’ll only get them here. This one, a cerebral fandango. Check it out and let us know what you think….


“AUTONOMY” by Anthony Lawrence

“You’re playing God, “ I said vehemently.

“It’s synthetic life,” he responded, “We’re creating new life. Is that creating life?”

It was a bacteria with “super powers.” It was a cyanobacteria he had named Chroococcidiopsis. We had collected samples of the bacteria, prepared them for analysis and then loaded them into a genetic sequencer to determine the unique order of four repeating nucleotides, or chemical “letters” in the bacteria’s genome.

But while we had used Bagram’s method of “biological teleportation” to conduct field tests that would transform the search for extraterrestrial life, there was inherent danger in our procedures. We had detected and decoded DNA hiding in other worldly soil and had that information beamed back to Earth. We were reconstructing living copies in a bio-safety facility but I was unconvinced that our work was not without great risk.

If we were contaminated in any way, it was impossible to predict an uncertain or hazardous outcome. This new bacteria could conceivably cause unknown consequences.  I was terrified and I had good reason to be. Bagram was unafraid of anything and he was proceeding with little concern for any unforeseen risks.

But at the time we were both unaware of harmful prion proteins in the bacteria that could replicate by converting normal  prions into rogue forms. Biological cells, given suitable environments, reproduce by cell division. DNA is replicated and can be transmitted to offspring during reproduction. Biological viruses can reproduce, but only by commandeering the reproductive machinery of cells through a process of infection.

What happened in those next moments were beyond disbelief. I hardly noticed it at first, but Bagram’s arm seemed to be twisting in a strange and unusual way as he used the sequencer. I can hardly describe it, but the arm seemed to be separating from his shoulder and while his hand remained grasping one of the dials, the complete arm from his shoulder slipped out of his smock. Bagram hardly seemed to be affected by it but the arm began to convulse and undulate much like the separated tail of a lizard that frightens off predators. Then, Bagram’s arm stopped its convulsions and began to move in total autonomy.