The SUPERBOWL Car Ads begin…

SUPERBOWL SPIKE gets revealed… @azsuperbowl @superbowl #superbowlarizona #mascot #spike @90265mag


For those of you who may not know this, my wife Kathie builds funny costumes. And even though they are funny, her clients include Ellen DeGeneres, The White House and the Arizona Superbowl. It’s Funny, in a VERY serious sort of way, Mr. White House Doods.

And now, we can finally reveal what the new Arizona Superbowl Mascot is as he’s appeared on TV recently (see below) and I’m very grateful that I got to design SPIKE, Kathie’s magic fingers building him. But… you want to see how she did it? Ok, then… WATCH!



SUPERBOWL SPOTS… The Fireball Picks @Chevy @Audi @Hyundai #MountainDew #NeedforSpeed

Some of the funniest SUPERBOWL CAR ADS… #Audi #Hyundai #Subaru #superbowlads

The rest are just lame-o, but these are pretty good. WATCH!

Today… Meeting with the SUPERBOWL Committeeeeeeeeeee….


So, today, Kathie and I have a meeting (on the phone) with the Arizona Superbowl Committee. They want Kathie (KCL) to build the 2015 Superbowl Mascot. I get to design it, so that should be cool. What’s it gonna be?

That… is a super SECRET. But it’s gonna be cool because that just the way things go at The Fireball Pad.

Hyundai kicks it with the RIGHT Superbowl ads…

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 5.29.25 AM
You’re gonna see a lot of spots during the Superbowl, and a lot will stink royale. But these, from Hyundai are pretty solid. What ever happened to true creativity in commercials? Are they forgetting that they’re spending millions? Check ’em out…

CRAZY WEEK ahead is full of COOLNESS…


Yea, it’s one of those weeks, for sure. Here at The Fireball Pad, there’s all kinds of stuff goin’ on. Malibu is a place for creative activity and it’s fun & rewarding. So let’s get to it…

Heading out this morning early to take the FISKER KARMA back. But this time, Kathie, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon are coming for a grand tour of the facility in Anaheim. Behind the scenes if you will, but after having this car for a week, it should be an incredible time. Gonna see what Alex Klatt (Chief Designer) is up to for the future of the car company. Did a photo shoot of the car at Free Beach near Pt. Dume yesterday with the sun going down. It was awesome… Review coming later this week.

Back here at the Pad, Kathie has started on a special top-secret costume for the SUPERBOWL. Yea, small job. 😉 But when it’s done, you’ll know it couldn’t have been for anything else and it ships Friday.

BUG got a trim yesterday. Not happy. Made me think of how difficult it must be for surgeons. Although thier patient isn’t moving around all the time, so they actually have it easy. And… get paid a whopping amount. So…

I am now offering my services to trim your dog for only $36K. Each. I know it’s a bit high, but I have to figure out a way to recycle all that hair. Cha. Just email me for an appointment.

Off the heels of the event over the weekend at DSP, my first Book Signing is happening in Malibu at DIESEL. And BIG THANKS to Malibu’s The Godmother, as she’s gonna be baking some of the most incredible cookies on the planet for guests! (Check out here site.) Lots to prepare for you guys and I hope that some of you can make it because it’s gonna be a blast! Malibu Surfside News is pumpin’ an article to go with the event, so BIG THANKS to them, too. Regardless of which paper/blog you write for, the bigger picture is that Malibuites work together to create cool stuff. And that’s why this town rocks.

The 2013 Cadillac ATS comes in later this week. One of the most powerful Caddys ever built. Let’s hope it comes in red… 😉

Christopher Hubbard from 37 Degree Filters is down in LA for some future discussion about the brand and the Lifetime Oil Filter. So grateful to be involved with a company that is so passionate about cleanin’ up the plaent. But before we talk, he’s in dire need of a phoney baloney sandwich @ John’s Garden. Best sandwich on the planet if you haven’t had it yet.

Seem like a lot? It’s only Monday doods and doodettes. Just wait until tomorrow…