Insane Custom Cars locked for Feb 1st SUPERFLY AUTO Coloring Book. But what’s next?

All 19 vehicles have now been chosen from around the world (UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Australia, USA) for the upcoming Official SUPERFLY AUTO Coloring Book. The drawings begin January 1st and book launches on Amazon Feb 1st!!

From the 1st to the 20th on January, we’ll reveal each car as I do them, including the SUPERFLY MAZE, so a winner will be announced each day. Plus…

January will kick off with 5 New Trading Cards, a new one revealed on ART TALK LIVE on Facebook every Monday at 8am(pst) and launched on ETSY directly after!

This month… it’s SYD MEAD #1, TONY DOW #3, WAGON WARS #2, PINUPS #1 & MOVIE CAR ART #1! Keep your eyes peeled on the ETSY Fireball Store for launches!!

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