The FIRST WOODIE ever found…

Yes, this was the VERY FIRST WOODIE ever built. Around 64M B.C. (We don’t have a confirmed date, but we do have this photo!) Weird, ’cause we didn’t think camera tech went back that far… but whatever.

Some highlights of this cars were the solid state wheels forged from quarry sandstone, Melt Granite Body and pink quartz windows. The wood came from the now extinct Varoomus Excitus Tree. Pretty cool.

Oh, and this is where the Flintstones got their idea…

Color it!

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Where is PARADISE for YOU? Mine is in a TIKI WOODIE…

Aloha… a word that means HELLO… and GOODBYE. Kind of like “CHEERS, MATE!”

What that has to do with a TIKI WOODIE, I don’t know. But “Aloha, ppl!”

So why do we love Polynesian Culture so much? Well, because it’s Paradise and who doesn’t love THAT? But if you could go to Paradise. what would that be for YOU?

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This is Pete. He’s a builder. And over the years since the 60’s, Pete’s done Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Lowriders and several Bombs.

But a year ago, he decided to build a FLYING WOODIE. And as no one has ever done this, it didn’t stop him ’cause he’s just that kinda guy. So… Pete went to town.

Some highlights of the build are Plasmatic Thrusters by THRUSTO (a major sponsor), Longevity Lifters and a Rampart enhanced servo-motor pachenco patch whipping power to ScramJet proportions. It’s serious. You know, the kind you find on Robot Power Movers on IO.

Anyway, his creation he calls BUZZIE. ‘Cause… it’s a Woodie, and it flies like a fly… duh.

BUZZIE will be on display at SEMA this year. It will also be giving rides at The Murphy Museum in Oxnard next month. Have at it…

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If GHOSTBUSTERS had a Woodie… it would be this…

It’s true, nothing beats the Cadillac Ecto1 from GHOSTBUSTERS, but if they did manage to have a Woodie donated to the Fire Station, it would be this ECTO2. Oooo, spooky.

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Cops in Dubai have WOODIES??

Sho nuff… At least these guys do. And I wouldn’t want to be driving out in the desert in an exotic and come across them. They frown on silly exotics and will give you a “NotCool” ticket for speeding.

So be cool and keep it down.

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Fireball DRAGWOODIE gets 4.986 on the DragStrip… kinda.

So we decided to build a DRAGWOODIE. Called it the “DragSquire.” Here it is launching from the tree in all its glory. You can tell because of the wind sock.

Unexpectedly, we raced a TESLA S with launch control… and we ripped him to pieces. I mean, we got a 4.986 first pass. Second pass, we got a 3.245. Third pass, we got a 2.221. It’s fast in the quarter mile. I also had three people in the back eating Hoagies.

But we’re now thinking about adding nitrous as we wanted to just run it easy the first time and not break anything. Thoughts? Ideas? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW…

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Sure, BARN FINDS ARE COOL… but look what I found IN THE ROCKS!

There we were, minding our own business in Utah when I suddenly tripped… Now, normally on a hike, when you trip, you fall and break something important. But oh, not me…

Well, actually I did break my Abdula OblangataMobilaPatootie. But as I landed on it from the 120 foot fall, stood up… tripped on my shoe lace and fell into a cactus. That hurt. But then what did I discover?

Yes. A Woodie in the Canyon!! This Woodie. A long lost coupe just waiting to be barn found. How did it get here? Who knows. Who cares. It’s mine.

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