Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book drops TOMORROW on Amazon!!

I’m not supposed to tell you that this is our BEST BOOK YET! I’m not supposed to tell you that the MAZE is the TOUGHEST ONE!

And I’m definitely not supposed to say that if you poke around on Amazon… you may just see that is already there!!! Definitely NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT!

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The infamous ‘GYRON’ makes it into the Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book!

I often wondered what Syd’s GYRON would like like in the field? He only did one piece (that I know of) featuring the one-wheeled gyroscopically balanced vehicle, but it was in a Station… all of them getting ready to take off.

But we never so then go… UNTIL NOW.

The Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book hits Amazon December 1st!

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Unusual Sketch12 of the upcoming VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book reveals Syd’s sharp angles…

Better sharpen you Colored Pencils for this one when the book comes out. Gonna be awesome to COLOR! December 1st, IT DROPS on Amazon!

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Sketch#5 of the Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD journeys us Off-World… to Syd’s World

Sitting by Syd’s side the whole time he designed for the film BLADE RUNNER really inspired me to delve into what made a SYD WORLD. One this is for sure…

It was POSITIVE, COLORFUL & ABUNDANT. Welcome to Syd’s World…

Book launches December 1st on Amazon!!

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EXPLOSIVE FIREBALL NEWS! First Coloring Book for 2021 is now LOCKED, and it’s…

The rest of the year here at Fireball Publishing is absolutely WACKO with Station Wagons, Gary Wales, Gene Winfield and Bronco! But for our first book in 2021… we’re doing VEHICLES of SYD MEAD!! Holy Crapariffic!!!

If you don’t know Syd, then climb out from your rock and listen up! Syd was the foremost conceptualist on films like BLADE RUNNER, ALIENS, TRON and many other fantastic movies. But this new Coloring Book will be his UNIQUE VEHICLE DESIGNS and it’s EXCLUSIVE to FIREBALL!

More info on this truly epic book will be coming in the next few months, but right now, it’s back to STATION WAGON!