Where does it all begin? With an idea. (This from concept artist Robert McKinnon) And if nobody messes with it by saying “That’s gonna cost too much,” then what you see is what you get. Boom. Will they be making another Terminator? Oh, yes…



COOL: Pissed off Terminators. Terminators Motorcycles,… with guns. Really BIG Terminators blowing things up. Water, snakey Terminators that can clamp on to your face. Cute Asian girl that shoots well. Flying Terminators. Schwarzenneginator.

NOT SO COOL: No time travel. No story. No getting to know characters. No real relation to original Terminators. No “real” Arnold. $4 Kit Kat Bar.

LAME: No vested emotional interest. Monotonous. Basically a war movie, without any really cool war characters like Robert Duvall.

So, there.

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picture-1Yes, Terminator Salvation is hitting theaters soon with lots of cool vehicles. This is just a tease, but hit THCS for more concept art…

Been one of those weeks…


Yea, we all have ’em, eh? Like, no matter how hard you try, it just keeps getting more and more challenging.

My Mom was diagnosed with Cancer last week. Terminal, they said Monday. Then, by Friday after getting more detail, they said that it was treatable and she wouldn’t die. That was a hellava rollercoaster for everyone.

So began a chain that ended Friday of very unusual events concerning everything from my son moving away to San Francisco with a great job to unusual Tax stuff. But somewhere in all that muck, I discovered a satisfying treat…

At the CITY BAKERY in Brentwood I found those unbelievable  Hot Chocolate on the planet. Worth a trip from New York, this one. 26th Street and San Vicente. It went down like a warm blanket of chocolatey goodness. Ah, the simple things.

What else….

Oh, two shows confirmed coming up. The HUNTINGTON BEACH CONCOURS d’ ELEGANCE and THE RCX SHOW. Check the sites for info. I’ll be there, havin’ fun. Come say hi… (I may have some treats)

Reading Charles Haanel’s MASTER KEY SYSTEM. The book rumored to have launched Bill Gates. I can see why. Get it from Kallisti Publishing. It will be the most profound read you’ve ever done.

Oh, and a wee excitement in Malibu. Labor Day accident. No one seriously hurt, but a motorcyclist down for the count. He couldn’t win against an Infinity, but a MINI showed up to help as usual.

Oh, shot four new episodes of AUTO DISSECTION. Check ’em out here. They should be airing next week. 3 Episodes up now, but the four new ones will include the Dodge Challenger and the Audi R8.

Yea, it was a busy week, but like all things everything turns out well.

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Sad day at WARNER BROS…

…Out the door at 9:30am today to head across town to Warner Bros Studios. Yes, the Batman Lot. Although, there was no sign of Batman today. Nor Speed Racer, nor a sequel to BLADE RUNNER. (But they were prepping TERMINATOR 4 SALVATION, but I can’t show you that..) Oh, and even the General Lees are off duty…

Point is, WB was a ghost town. With the writer’s strike on a full court press, the studio was void of virtually all activities. Bummer. Haven’t seen this in a lot of years. Way bummer because my brother, Ethan, and his wife Dee are writers. Good writers. No,… great writers. But, they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do and I support them. Even though I had to go onto the lot. My buddy, Ron Stansberry is head of Construction Services and I paid him a visit. Supposed to be a big layoff tomorrow. Grrr….

Then I was off to CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES to check on the progress of this cool machine. Check out the before and after. These guys are good….

Then it off to my tax guy. But I don’t need to get into that… Talk about a bummer…;-) But, all in all, just another day in the life of dorkness. But, I do have a wee surprise coming tomorrow. Okay, a BIG surprise….

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