The HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW Podcast is returning in February…

Great News! THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW Podcast is returning in February as an Episode-A-Month format for now. Updates on all things Car in Hollywood.

My Co-Host db is on the case to bring you the best new show ever, so stay tuned to the Blog here at… better yet, SUBSCRIBE and you’ll not only get the new Podcast, but tons of VLOGS, massive CARS, gorgeous Hollywood HUNTRESS ART, the best SoCal CAR SHOW CALENDAR, WHEELS AND WAVES and so much more!

A day at the SHOP…


Recognize this? Probably not, but it’s gonna be famous soon. As in April 3rd. As in FAST & FURIOUS. This beast has a major role, so you’ll see plenty of it. And just a few things hangin’ out at the shop.

Spent the day shooting with for an upcoming episode launched from Jalopnik. I’ll talk more about in on Episode #20 from THCS at the end of this week. It was crazy. Spun 9 cars and my head kept spinning. But the footage is gonna be awesome. The videos will be luanch around February 21st.