Highlights from LA’s BIG PHOTO SHOW… @thebigphotoshow #thebigphotoshowla #photographer #camera #sony #canon #pentax @shadbalch


Great show this weekend! Got to meet some neat people from all over the country who came in to get their photography game on. We hung out and talked Car Photography, took a Super-Selfie and ate pizza. BIG Thanks to The Big Photo Show peeps like Melissa and Jennifer for having me there, GM’s Shad Balch for the awesome Vette and grateful to all my fans of the show. Let’s do it bigger next year!!

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Today… it’s THE BIG PHOTO SHOW! @thebigphotoshow #thebigphotoshowla #photography #photos #takepictures #shoot


I’ll be at the LA Convention Center all day today with cool cars for THE BIG PHOTO SHOW. I have Bell’s truck from TWILIGHT… Come see me and get inspired with cool photo stuff!


T-Minus 9 Days to THE BIG PHOTO SHOW… @thebigphotoshow #thebigphotoshowla @shadbalch #photo @90265mag #photograph


Along with some cool Movie Cars, I’ll be bringing in a Velocity Yellow 2014 Corvette Stingray! This is an awesome car and will be a featured vehicle for all of you to shoot. My Saturday Seminar will start with it also. Anyone wearing yellow will get some free chocolate, too!! Unless I eat it all… to which I’ll be coming to the show weighing a little more than I’d like. But wear yellow anyways ’cause it’s cool.

1 Week to go, peeps!

Also, shooting another 5MINUTE DRIVE today with Malibu’s Engine 70 Fire Station! Keep an eye out for us cruising through town this morning!

Huge Fireball Discount for THE BIG PHOTO SHOW! Plug it in, baby… @TheBigPhotoShow #BigPhotoShowLA #photography


If you’re planning on going to THE BIG PHOTO SHOW, then make sure you tell ’em that I sent you by plugging in this PROMOTIONAL CODE (2014TBPS) to get a whopping $15 bucks off your admission! Going to be such a great a show and hope to see all of you there!

Here comes THE BIG PHOTO SHOW @LAConventionCenter @TheBigPhotoShow #photography #seminar @PopTechRadio @PCWCARS #camera


So excited about this year’s BIG PHOTO SHOW at the LA Convention Center next month as they’ve asked me to bring in some crazy cool new MOVIE CARS courtesy of the shop, PICTURE CAR WAREHOUSE. What will they be? Well, hit the jump to their BIG PHOTO website from the link and check out all the great things that are happening. If you’re into photography then this is the greatest show on the globe! I’ll be giving 2 Car Photography Seminars as well as hanging out with my good friend Mike Kahn from Popular Technology Radio!

Hope to see you there!!

THE BIG PHOTO SHOW brings out the crowds… @thebigphotoshow @bettinabush @sony


What a great time this weekend. Met so many cool people like lil’ Nathan Nazarian who did this great sketch below along with the gettin’ a photo with yours truly. Thanks, Nathan!

BIG THANKS to Mike Kahn @SONY, the great peeps at PMA (Jen and Melissa), Cadillac, Alan Taylor and Bettina Bush from Entertainment Radio Network and all those that turned out for my Car Seminar! What a blast!

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COOL CARS open The Big Photo Show tease… @thebigphotoshow


Way to pooped to post as they say, but here’s some early shots from yesterday’s opening @ The Big Photo Show, plus a cool chariot I saw on the way. All shots will go up Monday. If you’re coming today, my Seminar starts at 11am!!

2013-05-04_08-16-28_298  2013-05-04_15-57-49_407

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500hp CADILLAC CTS-V appearing Saturday @TheBigPhotoShow


This just in! Looks like I’ll be doing my 2 Photography Seminars at THE BIG PHOTO SHOW this weekend with this awesome 2013 500hp Caddy CTS-V COUPE… along with the Movie Cars at 11am. Looking forward to this show as I’ll get to meet a lot of you. Be sure to come by and check out my new book and watch the latest episode with buddy Jay Leno here.


I’m on POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY RADIO today @ 10am! Sweet! @thebigphotoshow

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.51.04 AM

Thanks to my friends at SONY, I’ll be ON THE RADIO today with Mike Etchart @ 10am this morning!

Why? ‘Cause the BIG PHOTO SHOW is coming May 4-5 and I’ll be there with 10 Cool Movie Cars, Signing my Kid’s Books and MORE! Gonna be a whole new level of awesome…