Fireball’s Daily COOL… with a Hollywood Update! Wow.

FIRST! Before we get into the cool like the above Bugatti Renaissance GT2 by jmvdesign, let’s discuss what Hollywood’s up to, so we’re clear on the badassness that’s comng…

Liam Neeson is definitely doing TAKEN 3. And that’s good, ’cause there’s always more bad guys out there to have their asses handed to them.  Director Rob Cohen wants back in to both the xXx and the Fast and Furious series. (Good luck with THAT!)
Tyrese Gibson wants to come back for Transformers 4. Maybe as a robot this time? And Michael Bay says Transformers 4 will “open the franchise up.” Like make it a Romantic Sci-Sfi Comedy Action with 238 Robots? Ok, like aren’t all those robots already dead?

Ok, whatever… THE DAILY COOL starts with awesome MovieBabes by LoopyDave, a 1970 Pontiac Firebird by All Speed Customs, super cool Concept by Dwayne Vance, the Bamboo Millenium Bridge and the NEXT Modular Self Driving Car Concept.

Wow. Not sure I can take all this “wowness for the day. But I’m up to it. Are you?

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Fireball’s Daily COOL heads to England…

Oo, ye olde England is getting a new bus, if this designer has his way. The FUTURE BRITISH TRANSIT will be smokin’ hot and people will never get off. (That could be a problem…) BUT! To make up for it… We have more COOLNESS.

How about RaceBabe Art followed by the 2013 ZERO XU ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE… then Kia’s Electric NAIMO CONCEPT, the SCAMANDER ATV, my HyperTech ALIEN COMPETITOR and more MovieBabe Art by KENDRICK LIM?

Stay present today. It’s where the real work gets done. The strength of your connection to something greater than yourself determines your success in any given thing. And all you want is good, so GIVE OUT THE GOOD! Happy Monday, folks…

Fireball’s Daily COOL… Havin’ a baby!

No, not me, you silly… Acura. ACURA is having a baby,… maybe. (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

That is, Acura may be creating an NSX smaller version as seen here. And that’s cool because I LIKE IT! Boom, Done, Thank you, whameee. And if they do, it’s goin’ in my garage, right between my  handmade glass pea-shooter and my Carbon Fiber Washer. Just to be clear…

PLUS, Art by by Mauricio Herrera, The ARK HOTEL BIOSPHERE, ‘Gangster Squad’ Director Gears Up for SPY HUNTER featuring this awesome ride, Assemble Art by Mark Bagley, an LA House that looks like it will take off any second and new Concept for the LOTUS 7! Whew!

Gotta love it. And I love you guys! Keep the COOL today by giving to others. A smile, a kind word, a good gesture. Help me in “Making the Planet Cool.” See you tomorrow!