For the LOVE of a CAR… from The Daily Driver Project

Potentially, one of the reasons you visit Fireball’s website is for your love of automobiles.

Most of us have a general love of the fantastic vehicular contraption, that especially in the Southern California area, has become iconic. Most of the car manufacturers have their design houses here. A large part of Hot Rodding began in Southern California.

For many, that general love focuses down to just one brand and may even focus down further to a specific vehicle.

That love for a specific vehicle can many times trace its roots back to what you grew up with or what your cool Uncle or Aunt drove. Maybe it’s the car you were brought home in from the hospital. Whatever that connection is, that car is sought out and purchased for you to enjoy.

Saturday I spent a fantastic time with some of my favorite people and checking out one of my favorite cars. It comes in many forms, a coupe, convertible, 4 doors, wagon, truck, and a van. I’m talking about the Chevrolet Corvair.

The South Coast Corsa Corvair Club or SCC puts on one of my favorite shows every year, the Ageless to Anarchy Corvair Show. This year 87 of those beautiful vehicular contraptions showed up to celebrate the love of the Corvair.

For many in attendance, it was their first car they ever owned and it was their dream car.

The Corvair is one of those unusual vehicles. A rear engine flat 6 motor and made from 1960 to 1969. It came in so many flavors and really was the only Big 3 built rear engine car. V8s were the flavor of the day or maybe the classic inline 6. It was just a strange but fun deal.

Whatever your vehicle is. Find it, enjoy it, drive it.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

Sometimes you just need to LISTEN… from The Daily Driver Project

Many times in my adult life, I have found that you sometimes just need to keep your mouth shut. Not like in a negative way, but a supportive way.

People need to vent, bounce ideas off and sometimes confess. In this hectic world of ours there still needs to be that face time.

Last weekend a friend of mine and I spent a good part of a car show just talking. Not about the cars that were there, but about life and he really needed to talk. So I shut my mouth and listened, added things sparingly to the conversation.

Kept an open heart and mind and just let him flow. You can learn a lot about someone by just simply listening.

Who they are, what are their dreams, their history and so much more. The things that make up us being a human being can sometimes just spill out in a conversation which can also make the friendship stronger.

Always remember that a great listener is a great conversationalist.

Because you are able to listen, you then can respond accordingly… which sometimes can change the perspective of someone’s whole day. Hopefully for the better.

Keep those ears open, as well as your mind. You never know where or what a simple conversation will produce.

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