Finally got around TO…


…seeing some movies that have come and gone. TWILIGHT, for instance is about a young girl who falls in love with a vampire. Um, ok. …Isn’t that a bit of a sticky situation? I mean, a werewolf might be better because you can walk around with them on a leash during the day. And they actually like garlic. ‘Course a silver bullet might present a problem, but who really has those nowadays anyway?

Another DAY AT THE SHOP will be posted tomorrow for those into cool cars. And we got some doozies this week. Okay, fine…. a vampire can be good too, but there’s the thing with all the blood right? I mean, they suck you till you’re like, … a dried up decrepidood! Don’t tell me that can be fun?

Recording THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW Episode 23 today, finally. It will go live over the weekend. Sorry for the delay folks, but things are flying. Not like how a vampire flies, of course. I mean, bats are cool and all, but they can’t even see! And caves are cold, who wants that? And another thing… You live forever! Well, actually… that could be cool, I guess. As long as cool cars stay around. I’d be the world’s first driving blood sucker.

Sorry to get off track about all those pointless things like THCS and a day at the shop. Vampire stories are far more interesting. I mean, don’t mean to stray. Oh, and the movie was pretty good. For a vampire love story with no cars,… I mean.

Just plain FUN…

There’s a time to be serious, and there’s a time to,… well,… go to SEMA and ’cause trouble.


If you haven’t noticed, db and I are taking a short hiatus from THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW. There’s a lot that goes into that show each week and we need to catch up on other things for a bit. Db is in Vegas for a show and I’m developing some new projects. But, we’ll be back soon with the show, no worries.

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ffposterToday, I’m grabbing one of the cars from Fast and Furious for one heck of a weekend. Friday brings a Premiere of a new film, “The First, Last Race,” from my buddy Jeff Jensen which we had as a guest on THCS a few weeks back. Saturday is a Smart Car Event HERE, Sunday is the VCR Show and Sunday afternoon is a cool Oscar Party.

So, I’m gonna roar this beast all over the place. And if I get a chance to meet up with any of your at the shows, ask me what I’ve got in the trunk. No, no dead bodies this time, but I’ve got free shirts!

Ok, maybe a couple of corpses… but I didn’t put them there.

THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW Episode 21 this Saturday!!



Yea, it helps to understand that yesterday was a holiday. If you didn’t, like me, then you probably were wondering where the mail was? Or why there was very little email (150 is small for me). Or why the phone didn’t ring much? Yea, got to pay attention a bit more, doh.

Haven’t been on this site below for a while, so I thought I’d bring it up to speed a bit. YELP! A great place to share reviews about all cool things in your town. Check it out and create a profile for yourself. Fun, and it helps others.

Episode #21 of The Hollywood Car Show recording tomorrow. Airs this coming weekend. Things are happening fast in this town, so we had to skip a week to create a great show. Plus, Friday is almost here and you’ll see a new episode of something really cool on Streetfire, Jalopnik and possibly Autoblog for the new film Fast&Furious. The EVO will be in my hands all weekend, with a number of events. Come say “hi” if you see me.

Saw a couple of movies with cool cars over the weekend. Can you recognize these?

Big leap of FAITH…


Being an entreprenuer of sorts means to keep trying new things until something sticks. Kinda like tossing pasta against the wall, or an egg at a cop car during Halloween. ………Uh, … that was when I was young, of course.

You have to learn to juggle quite a bit, but also take time for yourself and do the REAL important stuff. Today was a day like that. Went for and early hike up Solstice Canyon here in Malibu, then back to work to create possibility.

Great meeting at Streetfire to begin a fantastic new partnership of new content and new shows. (New3Xe=Cool) Even went to Sears to buy saw blades. Why? ‘Cause my wife works with a bandsaw. Doesn’t yours?

But this weekend I’ll be at the Hollwood Prop Show in Burbank, then a Hollywood Valentine’s Party where I have to wear red (That’ll be a stretch..) and a few other design related thingies. (Launching my 2nd design ebook next week, so my third is actually in line for the following month. WEAPONS. This one will be cool.)

The 20th will bring something awesome from Jalopnik, Streetfire and Fireballed. Cool stuff on the Fast and Furious 4 movie. Press Release, new show and lots of goodies from The Hollywood Car Show. Stay tuned.

Busy. But never too busy to take time out and live. Why is that important? I think that this guy could explain it better than I ever could. Read Wallace Wattles.

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the innerspaces of the universe.

A thought in this substance produces the thing that is images by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon Formless Substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

Kinda deep, eh? Read the book and your life will change. Period. But you really come into the realization of what’s important. Beauty, Love, Health and Prosperity as I see it. Oh, and cars. Did forget that?

A day at the SHOP…


Recognize this? Probably not, but it’s gonna be famous soon. As in April 3rd. As in FAST & FURIOUS. This beast has a major role, so you’ll see plenty of it. And just a few things hangin’ out at the shop.

Spent the day shooting with for an upcoming episode launched from Jalopnik. I’ll talk more about in on Episode #20 from THCS at the end of this week. It was crazy. Spun 9 cars and my head kept spinning. But the footage is gonna be awesome. The videos will be luanch around February 21st.


picture-1Yes, Terminator Salvation is hitting theaters soon with lots of cool vehicles. This is just a tease, but hit THCS for more concept art…

Knight Rider build photos… REVEALED!!!


Ok, so I’ve been gettin’ pressure from fans to reveal the actual build shots of KITT from CVS, so I’ve finally snapped…

Gaze in utter lunacy at ourMustang beast and start building your own! Don’t ask me a lot of questions about it right now, as the Studio barely let us release these! Listen to The Hollywood Car Show next week for more “Behind the Scenes” tidbits, but you can watch my page on StreetFire or Facebook for more about our MOVIE CARS.

(All photos Rick Carmody and Bob Hartwick of CVS)

Concepts… No, obviously not the final design. Doh. But, I may still have to build this…;-)

Fireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT Concept

The Hollywood Car Show EPISODE #18…

thcs_bannerEpisode #18 is up, folks! Tons of NEW MOVIE INFO!! Iron Man 2, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and MORE!


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Yes, this is my FRIEND…


…Jeanette. No joke, she really loves MINIS!

Another great reason to join me on FACEBOOK. Talk about an excellent design! And don’t forget to join The Hollywood Car Show Group!!

Bow chick a bow bow…

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