JOHN CARTER Concept Art reveals desolate coolness…

Yes, John’s in for some water drinkin’ activity according to this concept art. And gone are the days of actual “paint” paintings it seems. Everything’s done on the computer. Is this a good thing? What do you think? Do these paintings feel CGenerated or do they have the life of paint? Leave a comment…


Watch! PROMETHEUS Full Trailer

Ok, now we’re bookin,’ peeps…

Vehicle appears at the FIREBALL PAD…

Ok, …so there I was, minding my own business when CHAHOOOOGA!!!

Like, this is how it happened. I was taking out the trash (plastics, paper, mostly chocolate wrappings) and since the bag was far bigger than me (Can you visualize this?), it was hard to see. I mean, you could miss just about anything with that dang bag. Ok… wait, where was I?

Oh! Yes, I was walking to the trash cans and BAM! Right smack into a brand new CADILLAC CTS-V Wagon. I mean, like there is was in Christmas Crystal Red, just sitting there… um, with a NOTE on it! Yea! A note! TO ME!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!???

I dropped my chocolate wrappings (yes, into the trash, silly…) and read it… AND it said

“Happy Holidays, Fireball! From your friendly neighborhood GM Doods. Have fun for 2 weeks! And share with your friends, because that’s what Christmas is about… you nutty nut, you…”

And I’m like… WHAT!!!??? I get to drive this 556hp V-Wagon for two weeks?!! WOO HOOO!!!!!

Man, those GM doods are crazy. BUT, since I’m so excited, if you see me up in the Bu drivin’ by, then stop me and I’ll give you something cool. It’s Christmas, and GIVING is the name of the game… 😉

Guess I need to do another “Ride Along,” eh?

Hollywood Doodads: Avengers, Dark Knight, Haywire, Trek

What are Doodads?

Bits of Hollywood and Cars rolled into a soft warm burrito. Ok… that was weird. BUT! Here’s some posters from AVENGERS, a DARK KNIGHT Motorcycle Suit, Poster from Steven Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE and a Trek Mailbox to boot. Done and done…

Watch! PROMETHEUS Final Preview and new Image…

Could this film actually do what it plans to do? Again, redefine a genre and take it in a new direction… thus creating a completely new experience? Yes, I said “thus.”

WRATH OF THE TITANS Posters highlight… um, Titans.

Ok, so there’s bad guys. I get that. But Perseus has to battle all these doods? And he’s like …tiny, right? I mean, way tiny compared to these gargantuans. So… let’s suspend belief here for a second. Um,… maybe a minute.

Perseus, who’s like a normal dood. Takes his sword and swaggars it at these titans… killing them all.


Like… that’s just silly. Should I just get in line to not see it? Nope,… I’m goin…’ ’cause I gotta see how he does this. I mean.. like, he doesn’t even have a car! What’s up with that?


Epic. This Disney version of JOHN CARTER looks to be pretty large in scope, although it will need one thing to succeed. An engaging Story. We’ll see…


Everything a growing boy needs. Motorcycles in flames, evil doers, cute honeys, and a really pissed off hero who… just happens to be made of fire. Ok, sign me up..

Movie Car of the Day: The never made FARENHEIT 451…

These concepts revealed what the trucks of FARANHEIT 451 may have looked like in the final film if it ever gets made, although in Hollywood, nothing is ever really dead. Why has this not been made yet? For the same reason all films get delayed… BUDGET. Sometimes it’s the talent who has to finish a film, but generally, everything comes down to money and has to answer one basic question.

Would you guys go see this movie? I would… as long as there’s cool cars.

Images: ©Harald Belker Design

Hollywood Doodads: Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus, Ghost Rider & Expendables 2

Okay, so now that we’re bookin’ into the holidays, let’s do the BIG movie thang. Posters from THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, Teaser from Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS, a Fan Poster for GHOST RIDER SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE, an all new logo from PARAMOUNT and… EXPENDABLES 2.

Ok. All good. Let’s see…

Flying People,… Check. Alien Chest Burster Potential (ACBP),… Check. Pissed Flaming Biker (PFB),… Check. Studio hit 100… and wants you to know it,… Check. Old Dudes blowing stuff up,… Check.