Fireball heads to a Top Secret Car Show in #Malibu, hangs out with #BETTERCALLSAUL #JonathanBanks and The Smoking Tire Matt Farah. Then, hits the #ColonyBeach.

About Matt… Matthew “Matt” Farah is an American journalist, actor and presenter. He has been a host on video-sharing website YouTube series The Smoking Tire and for /DRIVE, as well as NBCSN. For one video only, Farah hosted Matt Farah on Cars, a temporary and cancelled replacement for Chris Harris on Cars. Farah was born in New York City on December 1, 1981 as Matthew Farah. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography. He has lived in locations, such as: New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California.Farah hosts an automotive video review website where he regularly has a podcast (, as well as his YouTube channel The Smoking Tire[1][2], and various shows on YouTube channel /DRIVE, including /TUNED.[3] His most popular content from The Smoking Tire Youtube channel are his “One Takes”, which is a video series in which Matt records brief and often unprepared review of a wide variety of cars sourced from fans, friends, mechanic shops, or vehicle manufactures.

ALL NEW EPISODE! Fireball grabs the Mitsubishi iMiev with Matt Farah!

Ok, so Mitsubishi has an electric car called the iMiev. Although, not sure how to pronounce it, it’s a fun little car that I decided to bring to my buddy, performance car star and enthusiast MATT FARAH. Check out Matt’s site THE SMOKING TIRE, but watch the episode for some hysterical conversation about this car and be rest assured, it’s one of the best electrics out there.

When the cool doods and doodettes of Mitsubishi sent me this zero emissioned wonder… I had my doubts, but after a few days of tooling around Malibu up and down PCH, I began to try and think of ideas so as not to have to send it back. And although a $34K price tag seemed way out of the ballpark, it was settling to hear that this 112MPGe Raspberry Metallic lil’ rocket comes with a $7500 tax credit. Although, the base model is around $29K. So you could snag one for about $21K, and that’s pretty good if my math is right. And if you realize that you save $10K over five years in fuel costs, it makes a lot of sense for someone looking for a city car.

But instead of writing a whole book on this zipper, just watch the funny episode with Matt and I. The bottom line is that this car is fun, it’s got cool cup holders and awesome stereo/NAV that just makes people smile… even if this one did resemble an eggplant.


SEMA Episode 7 with Matt Farah…

Episode 7 features good buddy Matt Farah from TV’s The Car Show and The Smoking Tire discussing expensive coffee…, plus Lou Camilli from Pulstar Plugs reveals a non spark spark plug. And they’re awesome…

Watch: FAST FIVE: The Ultimate Heist Vehicle Part 1 of 2

ALL NEW! Check out what it takes to find the ULTIMATE HEIST VEHICLE in this new promo for the upcoming film, FAST FIVE.

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Willow Springs shoot for FAST FIVE…

Wow, an incredible day with the crew yesterday as we shot a promo “heist” show for the upcoming film, FAST FIVE. It was cold, windy and full of horsepower. Hung out with the likes of Matt Farah from The Smoking Tire, shot all day and challenged 10 cars… The goal?

What’s the best “Heist Vehicle?”

And the winner? The show premieres online around the 19th right here, …so stay tuned. And it’s awesome.

Big thanks to Director Tim Whitcome and his crew. They did an awesome job.

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