We need THE VEGGIE GRILL in Malibu…

I’ve been to a lot of Vegan Restaurants. And a lot of them are really good. But…

THE VEGGIE GRILL has got to be the best, bar none. It’s fast… as in lightning. It’s friendly… as in like you’ve never seen in a restaurant. And the food, man. The food is like the best there is. Why?

After a great introduction by server Adrian, awesome conversation with Director of Operations John Anderson, we got an insight into what TVG does to give their customers the best possible experience. They research the ingredients to ensure that they are GOOD FOR YOU. Wow. What a concept. Not that it tastes good first… (And it does), but that you benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually from the grub.

I had the American Stacker which was basically a Sirloin Burger. Buffalo Wings that were HOT, awesome and mouth watering. A glass of the best Tea I ever had and c=some Chocolate Pudding that they threw in on the house. And that left me speechless, because YOU DON’T MESS WITH A MAN’S PUDDING by making it vegetarian.

But to my utter shock, it was the best dang pudding on the planet!

The Veggie Grill needs to be in Malibu so I can take all my friends. But, for the time being, check out their locations in Cali and Oregon and get there for lunch. I’m not kidding. It will blow your mind because things like the Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Sandwich will leave you in utter “blowmindville…” Good job, guys!

BORN TO BE WILD in IMAX is awesome…

Yesterday, we headed into Downtown LA to see BORN TO BE WILD in IMAX. Now, we could’ve gone to see 21 JUMP STREET, but we opted for something a little better for the mind. Although, I’ll hit that this week, too. 😉

But a 45 minute movie really making an impact, it has to be good… And it was. It was fantastic, actually. If you’re in love with animals, or even if you need to be to understand life on this plant, you should treat yourself to this film.

Afterwards, we went into The California Science Center. And although it has some neat stuff like the SR-71 Blackbird parked outside, I was a bit quizzically curious to see that the only food inside was a McDonald’s. (C’mon people, we gotta do better than that. A Museum all about life and you’re serving death on a plate?)

Well, we had a good time, though. Got heat scanned only to prove I AM HOT. And being a Fireball… that’s good. And the new Ocean Tank was super awesome.

We do days like these pretty often. We call them Hat Trick Trips. Three cool things in a day. And this day? The Veggie Grill, IMAX and Science Center. Dig it.