Mill Dog Rescue Leader needs help… NOW


No, this is not a call to help dogs. This is a serious call to help THERESA STRADER, who’s home recently burned down in the Black Hills Forest Fire of Colorado.

Theresa is the leader and saver of thousands of puppies through the NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE. A coast to coast organization that is making huge differences in not only saving dogs, but changing our consciousness about life. Her love and objective dedication has proven to make a difference, but now her efforts have been challenged with losing her home.

A fund here has been set up for Theresa and her family and I’m asking everyone who reads this to donate something, however small. $5, $10, whatever you feel you can do without will help to get her back to work and focused on saving lives.

Please take this seriously, as none of us want to know what it feels like to lose your home and everything in it. If you thought about for just one moment, would be too much. You all are my friends and fans and we know how to make a difference by bringing brightness to the word through humor, cars, movies and fun. But now, one of us needs help. And small steps lead to greatness. So please GIVE COOLNESS.


Fireball and Theresa Strader of The NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE @milldogrescue


What a great time we had over the weekend with Theresa Strader of The National Mill Dog Rescue. Motor Oil Coffee at The Rose in Venice, we talked all about NMDR and plans for our arsenal to change how Puppies are treated in Mills. NMDR is the focus of change for “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides” and now, subsequent books. When you buy a book, they save pups. It’s that easy, so I’ll hope you consider it. Plus, your kids will love knowing that they too are working to give them a chance at a new life.

Theresa is a powerhouse for shifting the consciousness of people, spreading more love for animals than anyone I’ve ever met. And People Magazine agrees. She was in LA because of a nomination for a Genesis Award. Super awesome. You’ll see their logo on the next book coming in Christmas. So proud to be a part of this!