Volcanic ERUPTION unearths ANCIENT TIKI GOD… and it’s cool as all heck!

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Most of the time, the only thing that comes out of an erupting Volcano is LAVA. But this past week, a survey team traversing the top of MT KILAHAWKALOOGIE on the Polynesian Island of HALOOKAPOW came across a startling site…

Seems that when the eruption began, it let loose an ancient TIKI GOD known in mythology only as KING TIKI WOODIKI. The drawing above was done by one of their team (No it wasn’t, I did that… but let’s stick with the story, eh?)

King TikiWoodtiki tells the story of the first Woodie carved from ancient palms and Island Girls, unleashing the Goddess of Love and all things Surf. It’s actually where Surfing started. Gadzooks, this is good stuff!

Anywho, you can color in WOODTIKI and hopefully it will cast a spell on you to love all things Virus_free and Polynesian.

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Where is PARADISE for YOU? Mine is in a TIKI WOODIE…

Aloha… a word that means HELLO… and GOODBYE. Kind of like “CHEERS, MATE!”

What that has to do with a TIKI WOODIE, I don’t know. But “Aloha, ppl!”

So why do we love Polynesian Culture so much? Well, because it’s Paradise and who doesn’t love THAT? But if you could go to Paradise. what would that be for YOU?

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