TOMORROWLAND Trailer 3 adds more Action…

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TOMORROWLAND Trailer 2 goes bonkers…

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Brad Bird’s TOMORROWLAND gets its first Trailer… #Tomorrowland @imagineeringdis @BradBirdA113 #Disneyland #BradBird


Back in the early 90’s, I worked for Disney’s Imagineering and we created a New Tomorrowland much like what you see here. We were excited at the prospects of it becoming a movie, and after 24 years it finally is…

This trailer looks cool for sure and it’s in good hands with Director Brad Bird. Check out some of my art from back in the day below, too. The Spaceport…

DisneyNewTomorrowland13 DisneyNewTomorrowland58 DisneyNewTomorrowland62 DisneyNewTomorrowland29 DisneyNewTomorrowland69

Fireball Design… OLD DISNEY ART @disneyland


I did these way back in ’91 for The New Tomorrowland. Done as massive billboards that would be situated around Tomorrowland as it was being redesigned as a SPACEPORT at the time. A much better idea than what it’s become, but vehicles were present throughout the land and I was designing tons at Imagineering.

But after 3 years of design, they pulled the plug and Tomorrwland began it’s re-design process again… to become Disoveryland.

FieldTripSml RoadTripSml