Collectible SIGNED TONY DOW Trading Card #2 has LAUNCHED!!! Get it now!!

SO excited that we’ve dropped the all-new Signed TONY DOW Trading Card #2!!! Looks great and features the 2nd car that Tony owned back in the day, plus a cool rare shot from LEAVE IT TO BEAVER!

Grab some HERE ON ETSY as there are ONLY 250 available!!!

WATCH!! 1968 NSU Ro-80 is one CRAZY GERMAN CAR! – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1008

CORRECTION! We thought this was a FRENCH CAR… but it’s GERMAN! 1968 NSU Ro-80 CRAZY GERMAN CAR!- Fireball Malibu Vlog 1008 – As always, among some automotive coolness, Fireball spots a weird german car… the 1968 NSU Ro-80. Yup. Weird.

MORE Official SIGNED TONY DOW Coloring Books Now Available!!!

We finally have a bunch of Collectible SIGNED TONY DOW Coloring Books available! If you missed the first batch, we’re now GOOD TO GO! CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Don’t forget to check out his #1 TRADING CARD!

Fireball Abigale CONQUERS THE WORLD – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1006

Fireball Abigale CONQUERS THE WORLD – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1006 – Fireball’s Granddaughter, 2-year old Fireball Abigale takes on the world via the High Seas, Olympic Training and Cliff Diving. Special Guest, TONY DOW!

Fireball launches Official CUSTOM CAR TRADING CARDS featuring SIGNED Leave it to Beaver TONY DOW #1!!!

Oh… we’re just getting started, folks! Been searching long and hard for a unique item that mirrors our super-cool COLORING BOOKS… and we’ve settled on the next venture!

Fireball CUSTOM CAR Trading Cards will feature cool and unique peeps with amazing cars. How many will be in a set? Not sure yet, but THERE’S A LOT OF CARS out there!

Today, we launch our #1 CARD! The Official TONY DOW #1 Signed Card!! Came out very cool and features Tony’s 1962 CHEVY CORVAIR! Snag the card on our Fireball ETSY STORE here!! Don’t be shy, grab a bunch!

What will #2 be?? LEAVE A COMMENT!

If you ever do an AUTOMOTIVE BOOK SIGNING, you’ll definitely want to do this too…

There’s really nothing better than hanging out with your friends, signing fun Coloring Books (at Autobooks) and then getting Ice Cream with TONY DOW.

I’m blessed to have many friends like Geoff Ombao and Valarie Vasquez pictured here, (Also Geoff’s bro Erwin and Tina from Autobooks) and spend my days creating fun Coloring Books, but when Leave it to Beaver TONY DOW says he wants to go for Ice Cream… well, that takes the cake. Er… I mean Ice Cream.

Especially since Tony’s millions of fans KNOW that his favorite thing in the whole wide world… is Ice Cream. We had a good time, so I’d recommend that you do the same as soon as possible. The Ice Cream part…

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TONY DOW talks Ice Cream on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER – Fireball Sketch Stories 3

TONY DOW talks Ice Cream on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER – Fireball Sketch Stories 3 – Fireball interviews Tony Dow and wife Lauren regarding Ice Cream situations on the Classic TV Series LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

New episode of SKETCH STORIES! Tony Dow hysterically talks directing SWAMP THING…

Fireball heads to the home of TONY & LAUREN DOW where Tony talk directing episodes for SWAMP THING and HARRY & THE HENDERSONS. Hysterical Insanity ensues…

TONY DOW talks BABYLON 5 – Fireball Sketch Stories 1

TONY DOW talks BABYLON 5 – Fireball Sketch Stories 1 – TONY talks about directing episodes of Babylon 5 in this first episode of Fireball SKETCH STORIES. Plus, some fun stuff on THE NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and the Universal Tram! Watch and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE on Youtube! THERE’S LOTS MORE COMING!

AUTOBOOKS to sell Tony Dow Coloring Book starting September… SIGNING Also!!

First up! AUTOBOOKS AEROBOOKS in Burbank will be first to sell The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book starting in September, PLUS Tony will be doing a SIGNING!! Date TBD, but this is gonna be a BLAST! Stay tooned…

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