WATCH! Alive & Kicking Episode 4…


Hey, I’m in this one… 😉

The boys get closer to an actual play. And it’s awesome.

ALIVE & KICKING Episode 3…


Pop and Larry see their music come to life, one tiny step at a time.

Fireball’s Hollywood Pop turns 83…

Man, what an inspiration… When you have a Pop that turns 83 and he’s busier than ever, you really get excited about your life. He’s up at 5am (sometimes earlier), gets out and about with his friends doing projects, then sits down and writes like a Tazmanian Devil…. then, has his morning coffee. All that before 8am. (Ok, maybe he works a bit slower than my slight exaggeration here, but not by much.) Pop’s been a Hollywood Writer/Producer since the early 60’s. From Outer Limits to Bonanza to Hawaii 5-0. Thousands of published pieces. And just this year he wrote a musical! Must be all that sea air…

I love my Dad because he always has his “pedal to the plastic.” And at 83, he’s still makin’ his life a weekend. Join me in celebrating his birthday. Give him a Happy Birthday post on his Facebook page.

There’s something in the AIR…

Think Positive

So far this week, there seems to be a shift in thought. While everyone is concerning themselves with the “economy” and all things bad, I reserve to ignore it all. And there are others doing the same. Join in… it’s a MOVEMENT.

My Dad, Tony, is a tremendously giving person. He been giving so much, that what’s coming to him is overwhelming. Where do I begin?

1. A published book. 2. A documentary being filmed on his life. 3. A new Musical that he wrote is being received as being “brilliant.” 4. A major actor just signed Monday to a screenplay that he and my Mom wrote over 30 years ago. Did I mention he’s 81? 5. The Writer’s Guild wants to do a performance study for his Musical. 6. His book of Poems is being published. Whew!

Who else? Kathie, my wife. 1. Signed to build a costume for the “Ellen DeGeneres 12 Days of Christmas.” 2. Creating the character for Buddy Cruise. 3. Writing a new Children’s Book.

Others. 1. Andy and Jennifer are getting married in May… on a cruise. 2. My sister, Jordana, just got a $100,000 grant for her school drama department. All this, and many others. What’s their secret? They think positive thoughts. All the time.

And what’s going on with me? Just some stuff. Good stuff. Really good stuff. The kind of stuff that makes you want to put extra chocolate in your Cocoa Latte.