2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – Toyota’s NSR and FUN-Vii are WHOA!

Ok, so the freaky fun makers at Toyota are gettin’ silly. You KNOW these guys are sitting there in a room, drawing, eating Snickers (Washed down with a YooHoo) and laughing hysterical.

“Ok, boys. Here’s what we’re gonna do. A Movie Screen on the side of the car! It’ll be awesome!!”

Then, without telling anyone, they build it and piss off Corporate. But, as Corporate is ranting and threatening to flog them all, they hit a switch and on comes “Fast and Furious 3” on the side of the car! BOOM! Corporate scream “WHOA!” and the designers promise to do a normal concept and call it… The NSR. (Below)

All true. Totally. Not lying. I have an inside source who’s a brother of my friend’s sister, who’s other brother is in Maintainance.