U.S.S. 2018 TOYOTA SEQUOIA IS BIG, REALLY BIG – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 762 – A few days in the 2018 Toyota Sequoia reveal that it’s planetary big. But still nimble and able to do the Malibu PCH Lifestyle… Birthday Soccer Golf and Art Openings.

BEST DESIGNS of the DAY… Bentley, Toyota, Nissan GTR & Audi

Bentley-pickup-truck-0wcf-toyota-vira-concept-is-a-real-yaris-rav4-mashup-toyota-vira-conceptwcf-toyota-vira-concept-is-a-real-yaris-rav4-mashup-toyota-vira-concept-1Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.11.37 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.11.22 AMScreen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.11.00 AM10157334_1111354872210246_7335489286860175830_nxETron Quattro

Best SUPER BOWL CAR SPOT… so far #toyotacamry

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.07.00 PM copy

Watch! Hot Spot of the Day… TOYOYA COROLLA @toyota #toyota #commercial

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 4.39.23 AM

This is what you CAN do in a commercial. Hysterical concept and well done…

TOYOTA’s iROAD Concept for Geneva… is a Tron Bike?

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 5.41.23 AM

Not sure, but check out this tease and tell me what you think…

2014 Toyota SUPRA envisioned by Andreas Fougner

Is this the new Toyota SUPRA? Probably not, but it certainly should be this cool…

The Carmaker will be announcing a design soon, but for now it’s hush hush and all we get is… “Yes, we plan on doing that…”

Ok, word to Toyota ’cause I know their big movie car fans and probably reading this right now… not. But… DO THIS ONE. I’LL BUY THIS ONE. Oh, and if yours isn’t as cool as this… I WON’T BUY IT. (Maybe).

Wired.com, Toyota and Fireball head to Malibu…

There I was, minding my own business when WHAM! I get a call from the boys at Wired.com to join in for a cool event put on by Toyota. Specifically, the PRIUS. Now, the Prius being the #1 EcoMobile right now, this event focused on sustainability, greentech and… well, all things eco friendly. And using your Eco instead of your Ego is important in certain cases. Like this one.

Now, me being a designer of movie cars, 650hp tuners and a Green REDSTER, I guess I fit right in? … Um. …Or maybe it was just that I’m a little insane and they wanted me to freak people out? Or just maybe… there’d be a cool car or two there and I could reveal some inside Hollywood SECRETS? AH HA!!! Those sneaky Wired Rats!

So, up the canyon I went to be one of the Featured Speakers at this exclusive event in the hills of Malibu. And all this took place at a very unusual location. A house being built by Frank Lloyd Wright’s grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright. Still in the build stage, this architectural feat was really bitchin.’ And since Wired Magazine sponsored the event, you know it was going to be fun. Wait, didn’t I just call those guys Rats? Ok… I take it back. They are once again… cool.

So, I put on my green underwear and headed up. (Didn’t tell anyone that, though. Not sure they needed to know that?) But we talked environment issues, cool cars, soaked in the monstrous view and had a great time. Big thanks to Jon, Terrence and Maya for having me pitch in. Yes, the cool Wired guys. And no, Ghostbusters 3 isn’t really using the Prius… I just made that up. But they should…

Fireball does THE LA AUTO SHOW…


Ouch. Today was the first Press Day so expectations were high. And did they hit the mark? ……Welcome, to the MORGUE.

Okay, maybe a morgue is a bit extreme, but there were some serious things missing. Namely, NISSAN. And with the Leaf coming soon, you have to ask… “WUT UP, NISSAN DOODS?” Now, I did get my fair share of automotive fixations, but I was left a little… dead. Ok, another mortality reference. Wups.

Below, are the COMPLETE highlights of the show. Not many, but some cool stuff. I decided to make it easy for y’all to understand how I felt about each one. I call it the “SHOCKSWEETSNORESUCK.” That’s the long version. Let’s just call it the “SHNUCK.” The LA Shnuck Show. Yea, I like it….

And here we go Shnucksters!!!

BMW VisionMB AMGThe MorgueVolvoSweetVolvo Glass InteriorShnuckBabeOld 300Jeep Gone WrongDon't AskMcDreamieBlah, Blah, Silver Blah...BillaBOOIIINNNGGGG......It's MINE!LFAssFoolsGoldElectroVDub!The LoungeHalf Price! Budget Cuts!ConverjCoolness...GMC GhostownWhiteCheetahTinkerGalpinJust frikkin' awesome...Deep Dish to go, thank you...DUB Expert, ma boy WalterChinese Chummer

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Fireball’s “Cool Designs of the Week!”


Ok, here we go. Ok… wait a second. I need to take a breath on this one. As I do this, I contemplate one of my soccer coaches saying “be one with the ball, Fireball.” So… “I’m being one with the post.” Ok, think I’m ready now…

CARS!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! (Breath) Welcome to another edition of Fireball’s CDW! That “Cool Designs of the Week” for those that have not been affected by my unfortunate condition. I have a terminal illness called “CARdio MyCOOLopathy.” It’s contagious, just so you know. And gets worse every day. Side affects include excessive salivation surrounding sculptured form, eyeball extension involving potential speed and alien bursting chest pain in regards to voluptuous lines. No, I’m not talking about your girlfriends, (although if that were true, what lucky men you’d be) I’m talking about this week’s cool rides.

Oh, an one more thing. As with most weeks, I threw in a few not so cool rides. In the profession, we call them “Suckassters.” I’m just sayin…’ OK!



Ooooo. Knees are quivering. And I’m pretty sure that there’s a cold shower in my near future. A proportionally perfect dynamo of glistened metal. A blissful combination of God induced form. Yea, it’s nice, in a whole Goddess Genevieve just told you that she’s in love with you and will never have another …sort a way. Mmm…



Ok, simple what? Did they put this together with hot glue and planks from left over book covers? C’mon Beemer doods. So, it leans. Seen it. So, it’s got two wheels. Seen it. So, it looks like a bad version of the Viper from BG. Yes, that came out in the 80’s. Unless, … you’re just kidding? IT’S A JOKE! I GET IT!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!



Sick beast of grawling powerness of girthyjunder. What did I just say? Don’t worry, it’s Swedish, I think, for Me lika dis kul carito. ‘Course, need to see it in red.



Wow, when MB does a car with gullwings, they aren’t kidding. Just ordered mine and this is how they delivered it. I photoshoped the green stripes in there ’cause I’m pretty sure that no one woulda believed me. As soon as I finish this (and my coffee), I’m taking my wife on a flight up the coast for a danish. Oh, and the best option? 12 free classes on Heli Drops, Base Jumping and Spalunking. Um… not too sure about the last one.



No, not a car exactly. Although I designed the cover of my Dad’s new book. Check it out. He was one of the top writers in Hollywood. Outer Limits, Hawaii 5-0, Bonanza, Twilight Zone, Route 66 and 3000 others. Just finished a musical and is the subject of an HBO Documentary. Sheesh. All that at 81.



Pop, pitch, point and shoot. It’s a toy. The kind of thing you find in your stocking at Christmas. AND I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW!!! (Does it come with those like silver chocolate balls? I really like those, too.)



Ho, ho. Vat is dis? A vonderful leetle carrrr dat is so vonderful and fool ov Frenchness. Iy loooove dis carrrrr. Soooo sexy. Now, I must have Escargo, see voo plate. (My French is a little rusty.)



I’m sorry for this. So sorry. This Japanese exotic is just not workin’ for me. It’s like… you’d stand right in the middle of it, not sit. It’s so proper and respectful. Am I wrong? It’s so… Japanese. Don’t get me wrong, I love lots of Japanese cars. But the proportions on this go against everything an exotic is about so far. Low, sleek, aggressive. Instead, it’s tall, pinched and proper. I can see it now as I pull up to an exotic car show, get out and say… “Hello everyone. How are you, today?” I mean, you’re supposed to “squeal” up, pop the door, smoooothly get out and say… “Sup.”


Taylor Onewheel

Ok, a little classic coolness. This one? The Taylor One Wheel concept from the 50’s. Maybe the 40’s. A bitchin’ invention for the time that had only one flaw. It would kill you. Now, as flaws go, this is a biggee. (Maybe it’s just me) But, if this car were gonna kill me, I’d have to contemplate driving it, you know. I mean, If I’m gonna be dead… then that might be a dealbreaker. Thoughts anyone?



Why is everyone having a “wonderment” over this car? Um, ok people, this is just another Toyota. Ok, it’s red, and they did that because I called them and complained. The Toyota operator patched me through to the ToyoPrez and we had a heart 2 heart. He listened, I laid it down. He spoke, I set him straight. He got testy, I called his wife. Done. Don’t mess with the Fireball. Oh, the car? Whatever, it’ll sell.

And regarding my disease? You now have it, too. Sorry about that, Cheif.


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