MUSTANG WEEK begins with running from Transformers Law Enforcement…

Running from the cops isn’t a good idea. Especially when it’s also a Transformers ROBOT Mustang. Maybe it’s better to sit tight and take the ticket. Literally, LIVE to fight another day.

Or, you could run and take your chances? Watch…

MAD MOVIE CARS… Transformers Rides are sick beasts of brawn… #Transformers #MuscleCar #Chevrolet #Corvette

Transformers 3 Nascar2 Red

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TRANSFORMERS #Dinobots Concept Art by @WesleyBurt … #Transformers4


Some great DINOBOT concept work from Wesley Burt. Too bad the movie isn’t making any money. 😉


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TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Teaser Trailer 1… #transformers4 #michaelbay #awesome #destruction

This actually looks a bit serious. Ok, who’s coming with?


Superbowl TRAILERS… Spider-Man, Captain America & Transformers


Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… All New BumbleBee, Pacific Rim, Black Panther #marvel #movies #cars #transformers


• Here’s the new BumbleBee Concept Camaro for TRANSFORMERS 4. Finally a car I’d buy in yellow…

• Final PACIFIC RIM Trailer focuses on humans. You mean… there’s humans actually IN this movie?

BREAKING BAD’s Saul Goodman Spin-Off is GO! Ok, it’s not hardcore action, but… but… IT’S SAUL, baby!

• Stan Lee confirms that BLACK PANTHER is in development @ Marvel Studios. Uh, oh…

TURBO is all action, …all Snail. Watch the new TRAILER.




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TRANSFORMERS Dark of The Moon Concept Art by Ryan Church…

Although movies can be bad, it takes a moment to appreciate what goes into them. The vision. These concepts by Ryan Church must’ve gotten the studio excited about what was coming, but as you know, anything can screw up a movie along the way. It takes a keen eye not to allow too much of anything to obliterate success potential.

When you come out of a bad movie, be sure to think about what must’ve gone into it. It will make you feel more like finding what was right than criticizing what sucked. Unless you’re counting Bay’s explosions…



Um… Went with my buddy John Tobin to see Transformers. Why? Because John played Nixon. Yes, he played a crook. So, we went to see him and laughed all the way until… my head exploded from all the CG effects. Gee, let me see how many robots and action sequences and gobblywobbly goobly dumbass jokes there were. Um…

…Ok, forget that. I can’t count that high.

In one word. Atoomucha… (Yes, that IS a word. STOP IT!)

And next time, Bay needs a script and not a shot list. But hey, it was a Transformers movie and not an Academy Nominee. Unless… you want to call it TransformerGump? Then, John could play the lead? (That was a joke, JT!)

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Big Apple Premier of Transformers

The Hollywood Garage wasn’t able to make it for the premier in New York. Luckily we were able to get our hands on this video!

Who’s going to see it tonight? Gives us your review in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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Chevy TRANSFORMERS Commercial…