ACTION MOVIEBITS! Star Wars Costumes, New Transorter, EX3, The Hobbit(s)…


Today’s ACTION MOVIEBITS bring some cool news. Be sure to head to my blog for more…

• Costume designer Michael Kaplan, (Star Trek, Blade Runner, Fight Club, Armageddon and many others) is working on STAR WARS EPISODE VII

• There will be three more TRANSPORTER movies… at least 1 shot in CHINA.

• Stallone is talking to SEAGAL again about EXPENDABLES 3. Seagal is still… Seagal. Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan, and Mickey Rourke are confirmed. Patrick Hughes directing.

• Peter Jackson doing reshoots for THE HOBBIT: The Desolation of Smaug and THE HOBBIT: There and Back Again. More BIG feet….


Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast #13

Lucky number 13 is what we have this week on The Hollywood Garage. And to celebrate, we have an interview with The Smoking Tire’s MATT FARAH! He’s got a new show coming up on The Speed Channel, PLUS… a WINNER for the NO CONTEST! Who’s is it that posted on our Facebook Page? Listen to the show…

HOT news on a new ALCATRAZ, TRANSPORTER TV Series, OBLIVION with Tom Cruise and what? Could this be a LONG KISS GOODNIGHT Sequel? Ya, sure, youbetcha as they say in Sweden…

Fireball gives his PROJECT KING TAHOE update by smackin’ in a LIFETIME OIL FILTER and new sponsors, SONY and KURV WHEELS get on board. Shwing!! LISTEN UP, PEEPS!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 13
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