VASQUEZ ROCKS STAR TREK FILMING LOCATION – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 734 – Fireball, Kathie and Ken head to Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce. Site of where they filmed many TV Shows including the 1960’s Star Trek. Funniness ensues.

Vazquez Rocks is prominently seen in a 1963 episode of Outer Limits called “The Zanti Misfits”.

The rocks are also in several television westerns, including the 1959 “Whipsaw” episode of Tombstone Territory; the Bonanza episode “Between Heaven and Earth”; The Wild Wild West episode “The Night of the Cadre”; and the opening credits of the TV Western Laramie as Slim Sherman and Jess Harper come riding down, each from one side.

The rock formations are also seen in the Michael Jackson music video “Black or White” when he dances with Plains Native Americans, and in an original series Star Trek episode “Arena”, where Captain Kirk rolls a boulder onto a reptiloid alien called a Gorn.

The prominent rock formation has been nicknamed “Kirk’s Rock” due to being featured in several Star Trek episodes, each time representing a different planet.

The use of the rock as a place to struggle with an enemy was echoed in the film Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey twice, once replaying the Gorn-themed Star Trek episode on the TV, and again when the title characters are murdered by their doubles at the same location.

A scene at a diner in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was filmed in front of the rocks, and in homage to the Star Trek episode, the diner is called The Arena Diner.