An awesome day at TRACKMASTER reveals the insane SECRET CAR coming to CLASSICS ON THE PIER!

A great day at TRACKMASTER in Ventura with good friends Valarie Vasquez and Bradley Paull revealed the SECRET CAR coming to “CLASSICS ON THE PIER” Saturday, December 5th! (No, we’re not gonna show it to you!)

Only 7 cars will be on display from 10am-3:30pm, but it’s gonna be cool. Check out the rest of the stable courtesy of Fireball Pal’s Daniel Vehse and Maureen Magnuson.

If you ever do an AUTOMOTIVE BOOK SIGNING, you’ll definitely want to do this too…

There’s really nothing better than hanging out with your friends, signing fun Coloring Books (at Autobooks) and then getting Ice Cream with TONY DOW.

I’m blessed to have many friends like Geoff Ombao and Valarie Vasquez pictured here, (Also Geoff’s bro Erwin and Tina from Autobooks) and spend my days creating fun Coloring Books, but when Leave it to Beaver TONY DOW says he wants to go for Ice Cream… well, that takes the cake. Er… I mean Ice Cream.

Especially since Tony’s millions of fans KNOW that his favorite thing in the whole wide world… is Ice Cream. We had a good time, so I’d recommend that you do the same as soon as possible. The Ice Cream part…

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