A-TEAM Diecast revealed…

Although the ATeam film didn’t do all that well, toys are still worth doing. Spotted on Joe Johnson’s Hollywood Diecast, this van appeared at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair.


Wow! Holy crap! It’s unbelievable! Sorry, none of these things. The ATeam van has been revealed and it’s… well, The ATeam Van. (Source: SplashNews)

Not really any different, this shot taken on set. But hey, you can’t mess with Mr.T. Oh wait, Mr. T isn’t in this. Neither is Starbuck, uh, I mean ‘what’s his name.” And george Peppard is sleeping with the fishes, so that leaves….. The A Team Van?

YAYYYY!! The crew is back!! At least one of them. Ok, I’m done here.