My wife’s CORVETTE… Heavily Modified

Normally, you’d never get a chance to modify your wife’s car. But such is not the case… when you do a Coloring Book.

Kathie had a 1984 Vette and I always wanted to GO BIG on it. But, she was happy just “Cruising the Crossfire” as they say. Until the day is died.

Alas, we sold it. But if I DID get my hands on it… it would have been an epic sight as you see here. And it would have crushed anything in 2060. 😉

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon.

World’s Longest Drift… goes to this Vette.

So there I was, minding my own business in the future… when I was asked to take one of our Fireball Vettes and attempt the world’s longest drift. The year was 2084… and all I had was this classic.

So I saddled up, went to the Great Oval in Central Texas (built in 2041) and got up to speed. Then… I drifted.

…For almost 1 week straight! Now, it wasn’t hard to drift, but it was a bear to refuel in flight. And thank God we had Sarpinium Tires as they never wear out like the old days. And you don’t have to recycle what never wears out, yo!

The hardest part? My butt… and going the bathroom. (I won’t get into how I did THAT.

This one… from our VETTE COLORING BOOK on Amazon. Get it…

Fireball VETTE Coloring Book to hit 2800 Dealerships this year…

Some great news for us as we roll out… VETTE was our last book for 2018 and has done great! But 2019 not only brings it to the National Corvette Museum, but to 2800 Chevy Dealerships Nationwide!

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Fireball SKETCH of the Day… 1964 Corvette Convertible

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