If JULES VERNE had a VINTAGE TRAILER, it would be this…

Ahh, the master Jules Verne. Boy, did he come up with some cool ideas. But… I bet that among many of them that you didn’t realize he had a VINTAGE TRAILER?

Well, here it is. Under the great BIG BLUE. The ONLY shot ever captured. (It took a serious telephoto lense and one really big BREATH).

This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book available on Amazon.

The Ultimate WINTER VACATION… is this.

Ok, so here we have the Ashtons. A family of 4, on vacay up north. A year long planned vacay that lasts about a month. They drive from SoCal, all the way up to the Great White North and park it on the ice.

15 days into the trip, the Ice Shelf breaks and they float out to sea (along with many others) and all the way home… where they disembark. Cool!

They get to see whales, dolphin, the Aurora Borealis and all kinds of great stuff.

To Book YOUR trip, call 1-800-VINTAGEVISTAS. Taking calls now. 😉

(This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book available on Amazon.)

THIS… is the Ultimate Tropical Vintage Trailer Paradise…

Ok, so actual drive-time with VINTAGE TRAILERS can be cool as you get to see a lot of things. But as having a VT means racking up “Chill-Time,” then finding the best spot for your cool classic VT is what it’s about.

This couple (the Surfitons and their HOLIDAY HOUSE) found their spot here on the island of Pavarua in the Tahitian Chain. It’s small. I mean… zit on your forehead small.

But no matter, the island is abundant with life as you can see here. SCORE one for the Surfitons and their dog “Shorty.” (You can’t see him as he’s doing his business behind the trailer.) Nice!

(This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book available on Amazon.)

VINTAGE TRAILER discovered on Mars…

This just in, folks…

ALIENS (or rather, Martians) have discovered a long-lost Vintage Trailer on MARS! The photo below shows the actual excavation site near Crater B47356. And with all the “Fake News” in the world right now, it’s pretty cool to see this actual REAL shot from the discovery site as our lil’ Martian buddies do their thing.

It’s also great to see Earthlings and Martians getting along so well. This awesome new find will be heading to Barret Jackson Mars this spring once it’s restored and should command a pretty penny… I mean Martian Coaxial Coin.

This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book.

World’s Largest VINTAGE TRAILER… The TownHOUZ…

Just how many people can fit in the TownHOUZ? Pretty much everyone you know… and their friends. Bowling Alley, Baseball Diamond, Car Show Lot. It’s got it all. Yes, even Root Beer in the Fridge… um, Fridges. 32 of them to be exact.

This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book!

Vintage Trailer Life is always better when you add a SUPERCAR…

What’s better than being in Nature? Well, I’m glad you asked. Nothing, but…

It would be cool to pull your Vintage Trailer in a Bugatti Veyron! Although your doggie might have to stay in the back. (This one… from our AWESOME Vintage Trailer Coloring Book!)

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This classic baby would look good just about anywhere, but near the red rocks of Sedona, you never know what might fly by to check it out.

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