WHAT IS VLOG 1000? – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1000

WHAT IS VLOG 1000? – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1000Fireball Malibu Vlog has been going for nearly 6 years, covering Cool Cars, Malibu Lifestyle and Automotive Hollywood Culture. Now Fireball is finally warmed up…

VLOG 1000 filming this Sunday at MUSCLES & MOJO and Fireball wants YOU!!!

This Sunday, Fireball will be at THE MURPHY’S Cars & Coffee event MUSCLES AND MOJO and this time… it’s all about YOU GUYS!

It will be Vlog Memories, so if you’ve been on any of the last 1000 episodes, Fireball’s looking for the best moments. Share it for VLOG 1000 and enjoy the CARS, FREE COFFEE and HOT WHEELS!

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