WATCH! 5MINUTE DRIVE Episode 11 with Publisher Scott Robertson!


Awesome new episode with Scott Robertson, Publisher (And Designer) of Design Studio Press along with a lil’ blue screamer… the 2013 Volvo S60! We talk cars, movies, and take the world’s fastest 5MINIUTE WALK!

BIG DAY today sends me on a Volvo Excursion…


Usually, I have to create reasons and ideas to test these cars. (This week, it’s the 325hp 2013 Volvo S60). But today, there’s so much going on here at The Fireball Pad that I’ll be out and about like a Squirrel who just down’d a Latte twice his size. What’s that mean?

First, King Tahoe gets a new driver’s side motor… DROPOFF!! Then, it’s out to PropMaster in Burbank to pick up the ________ for Kathie’s top secret White House Project, then to our seamstress in SanMo to drop off Kathie’s ________ and have it done. Then, to Design Studio Press to film a new episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE with Publisher, Scott Robertson. And somewhere in there… it’s Volvo to the rescue for Dog Food, Lunch, Photo Ops for the Car and about 12 other things. And in all that time, I’ll be contemplating the schedule for BOOK 2, the BIG BOOK of Wacky __________.

Wish me speed…