CORVETTES in Aliso Viejo – FMV299

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 299! Fireball & Kathie head south to Aliso Viejo to get Kathie’s hair done by friend Carol from Carlton Hair. Spot cool Vettes, swap the Hyundai for a Volvo and look like an antenna. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


COMING THIS WEEK to the VLOG!! Volvo, Viper, Varoooom!

Be sure to check out the EVENT SCHEDULE HERE for where Fireball will be this week! Coming are the new 2016 Viper & Volvo XC90!

2016-Dodge-Viper-Release-Redesign Volvo-XC90-2015-800-01

Volvo, Jay Leno & Paramount – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 161


Fireball drives the VOLVO V60 T5 DRIVE-E WAGON for a week…


Volvos have always been unusual for me. Interesting cars with unique choices in how they handled design. They are safe, yet their concepts are vision forward. So when a Volvo shows up at The Fireball Pad, I look forward to seeing how they resolved design elements to create a complete package.

The V60 Wagon first off is a solid car. Drives well and is seriously comfortable. But it’s clear that the exterior design team is more forward thinking than the interior. The interior, again… is safe. Simple and to the point, but not inspired as much as the exterior. And I, being a designer like to be “inside” an inspired interior. I spend more time there than looking at the outside.

And although silver can be slick, it doesn’t play as well on this car as reflective details are subdued. But, the car as a whole is right on. Not everyone needs a Disco Ball inside like me to get them excited, so if you like Swedish or Danish furniture, you’re gonna like this car. Boom.

Word of warning… Don’t get the roof rack. It makes a horrible “whistle” that changes octaves every 15mph above 50. A constant whistle that will drive you nuts.

All in all, this Volvo with its 29mpg and $43K price tag will make you feel relaxed, safe and on the go. But the exterior design (at almost a Shooting Brake proportion) is really well executed. And always remember what the Swedes say… “Herny Fergy Shnergy!”


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A Day in SOLVANG led by Swedish faire… #solvang @solvang @volvocarsus


Along with filming this week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE, we also managed to wrangle a drive up to Solvang in the super cool XC60 Volvo. Being a blast to drive, we got there in no time and had a day fun including (but not limited to…) pastries, chocolate and finally landing by accident, at the Firestone Vineyard. (We were headed to Zaca Mesa and made too many lefts.) What an awesome place! Also stopped at a really neato Pumpkin Patch. (Kathie has plans.)

Cars are for bringing experiences and Volvo knows this, but you have to just get in and drive. Stop worrying about where you’re gonna go and just GO! GET LOST! Life is about discovery!

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All new 5MINUTE DRIVE! The 325hp 2014 Polestar VOLVO XC60 & GT Channel’s Taro Koki…


Awesome NEW EPISODE today with my good friend TARO KOKI from GT Channel. If you’ve never heard of GT, then watch and get your video groove on. PLUS. the spectacular 2014 VOLVO XC60 Polestar Edition R-Design is a greyhound in Volvo clothing. One of the best SUVs out there, period.

2014 Polestar VOLVO XC60 R-Design appears @ The Fireball Pad… #volvo #swedish @volvo


So… there I was, sloppin’ in some Taco fixins when there appeared a flash in the sky! A bolt from BEYOND! A thunderous crashing of Sveedish Flair! And then… it appeared. Ooooooo….

BAM! Right in front of my eyes, the all new 2014 Polestar VOLVO XC60 R-Design snapped into existence from the ether. Why? Well, because I drive coolness and the Universe wouldn’t send me anything BUT, duh. (Yea, that’s funny, I just said BUTTduh.)

So… for the weekend, I’ll be rockin’ this ride from Scandinavia through the Bu, in search of other Swedish things. (Yes, more than meatballs… and No, there’s no Ikea here.) But… I hear the Swedes make awesome chocolate and there HAS to be some somewhere. Got any ideas?

BIG THANKS to the Gods of Scandinavia for flickin’ this car my way, and same goes to the peeps of Volvo for makin’ it in white. It’s pearly…

UP, UP, AND AWAY!!!!!!!

Watch! 2012 North American Auto Show Preview from Toyota

It’s gonna be concepts galore for the 2012 Detroit Show otherwise known as The 2012 North American International Auto Show. Yes, a mouthful, but along with this NS4 Concept from Toyota, you can expect very cool cars from Chevrolet, Honda, Lexus, Lincoln, Nissan, Smart, Volvo and VW. Stay tuned here for the latest images… ’cause concepts are what this show’s all about.

Fireball does THE LA AUTO SHOW…


Ouch. Today was the first Press Day so expectations were high. And did they hit the mark? ……Welcome, to the MORGUE.

Okay, maybe a morgue is a bit extreme, but there were some serious things missing. Namely, NISSAN. And with the Leaf coming soon, you have to ask… “WUT UP, NISSAN DOODS?” Now, I did get my fair share of automotive fixations, but I was left a little… dead. Ok, another mortality reference. Wups.

Below, are the COMPLETE highlights of the show. Not many, but some cool stuff. I decided to make it easy for y’all to understand how I felt about each one. I call it the “SHOCKSWEETSNORESUCK.” That’s the long version. Let’s just call it the “SHNUCK.” The LA Shnuck Show. Yea, I like it….

And here we go Shnucksters!!!

BMW VisionMB AMGThe MorgueVolvoSweetVolvo Glass InteriorShnuckBabeOld 300Jeep Gone WrongDon't AskMcDreamieBlah, Blah, Silver Blah...BillaBOOIIINNNGGGG......It's MINE!LFAssFoolsGoldElectroVDub!The LoungeHalf Price! Budget Cuts!ConverjCoolness...GMC GhostownWhiteCheetahTinkerGalpinJust frikkin' awesome...Deep Dish to go, thank you...DUB Expert, ma boy WalterChinese Chummer

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