If we could all just act like these guys… the world would be a lot SIMPLER

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I miss the kids of the MESA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL near Camarillo. They really had it going on when we visited them for a Wacky Car Seminar. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the car we did together…

But they were awesome… and loved each other like no other class I’d met. Truly spectacular.

If we could, as the Bible mentions, be like kids… then things would get easier. It’s not a Religious thing… it’s a common sense thing. We wouldn’t be so offended all the time by what people say. Let it go…

Try it. REALLY try it.

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Fireball goes to school at OLM to reveal the STRAWBERRY RAPTOR ROCKET 5000!!

Although we’ve done many WACKY CAR SEMINARS for schools over the years, it’s always fun when they allow us to post the experience.

In today’s post from OUR LADY OF MALIBU Elementary, Fireball (with the design help of the students) created two awesome Wacky Cars. Kathie gave an amazing Career Seminar also!

The 5STAR TRUCKER and the STRAWBERRY RAPTOR ROCKET 5000 are sure to show up at SEMA soon…

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