NEW EPISODE! Wacky Rides Monday… on a Friday. In WISCONSIN…


All new WACKY RIDES MONDAY is on a Friday. Why? ‘Cause I gotta get this book done baby, and I only have three states left. Plus, you’ll see Kathie working on a cool PROJECT. So cool.

Enjoy the show and BIG THANKS to Bright Blue Gorilla for providing this week’s music. Check them out every where and iTunes too. Fantastic stuff!

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Watch WACKY RIDES MONDAY Episode 4… Bison Bill’s Kansas Storm Wranglers! #kansas #tornado


Yea, that’s a mouthful, but today’s is hugely cool.

This week’s Episode 4 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY rockets off with a special guest who’s only about 3 feet tall. That would be dancer and performer Alexa Simone Lawrence.

Then, it’s off to Smallville KANSAS for a super cool sketch. Today’s episode is dedicated to all those squirts out there who just keep having fun, teaching us to do the same… always. 

Wacky Rides Monday ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE… Up close!


Here’s the final sketch for EPISODE 2. If you haven’t watched it yet, then check it out HERE on YouTube. It blows snow, blades streets and guides Penguins. Cool. SHARE IT WITH YER FRIENDS!

Wacky Rides Monday Episode 2! ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! @alaska #jetpack


SHARE this week’s episode with anyone with kids out there!! Why?

Because EVERY kids wants to see how the might Moose of Alaska get around up in the snowy state… and keep the streets clean.

It’s powerful. It’s comfortable. It’s THE ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! Plus, a wee bit of Bug & Sammy’s Surfboard… now in color. WATCH!!

New WACKY RIDES Episode tomorrow…


Tomorrow (Memorial Day) premieres Episode 2 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY and since I’m doin’ all the states, ALASKA is next!

Watch Episode 1 below or Click the Link HERE. Then, grab some joe and enjoy your Sunday!

Episode 1 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY is a strong launch…


Input for the new show online has been tremendous. BIG THANKS to Architect James, Tweeters and DesignYouTrust for re-posting. Please SHARE last Monday’s episode on Twitter and FB (or wherever!) so we can spread Kar Koolness to Kids! Next up… ALASKA!!

ALABAMA SLAMMA Wacky Ride… up close… @alabama #alabama #hotrod


As a rule, I’ll be posting THE FINISHED SKETCH from my new show WACKY RIDES MONDAY in full frame on Tuesday. Make sense? If not… just ignore me and check it out above.

4 Black Bears in an Appalachian Hot Rod powered by Dirt transmogrified to Water! Cool. Imagine what your state will look like!

NEXT UP! … Alaska. Episode premieres Monday!



All new show begins today and airs every Monday until either my hand falls off or I draw straight through my table.

So many things have happened since the BIG BOOK was released in January that I felt it was time to start creating cool stuff that I could share with you guys. (If you’ve purchased a book, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Amazon!) My hope is that you’ll do the same by sharing these episodes with your friends and family through your networks. Kids love to draw and when I get to do School Seminars or shows like the upcoming RCX, drawing cool cars gets the kids excited and we have a blast.

Today’s EPISODE 1… The State of Alabama. As a car. (Plus a little Wood Doodling…)

Here’s the DIRECT LINK also…