WEBSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gets the Fireball treatment…


This past week I had the great opportunity, thanks to Principal Phil Cott, to do three very awesome career seminars with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class of WEBSTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL here in Malibu. Seems getting people to donate their time and talk to these lil’ squirts is a challenge, so we took it upon ourselves to change that.

Last Monday, we started the hour-long wacky seminar series talking about 3 things that kids love most. And since those things are different for everyone, we heard some fantastic ideas from all the classes over the next 2 seminar days including acting, singing, dancing, MOB players, Parkour Administrators, Jetpack Flyers, Turtle Wranglers and Pickle Picklers! The ideas got zanier as the hour went on in each seminar held in the Library.

The 2nd part of the talk was having me draw a wacky ride with the help of the kids. Check out the photos to see the “Belle-Fart 3000,” “Frank’s LAMA-Tron 222,” and “Chewie’s Bacca-Mobile!” Chewbacca was driving a Hot Rod Papaya powered by Hot Fudge! (My kinda ride…)

3rdGrade Wacky Ride

But the best part came when I introduced my personal guests who had put three things together that they loved as a kid… and are now doing that for a living.

Day 1 introduced Publisher and Designer Scott Robertson of Design Studio Press in Culver City. Scott’s company has published over 50 books on design covering movies, cars, vehicles, monsters, characters and kid’s books. He showed the 3rd grade kids how important imagination was to their success and of it’s unlimited possibilities. His work is awesome.

Day 2, I brought my wife Kathie in to talk costumes as she has a tremendous background in designing and building character mascots over the last 40 years. We got so into it that we actually forgot to take pictures! Bwa! But it was an absolute blast and the 4th grade kids loved her!

Day 3 was our final day with the 5th grade class and that introduced Senior Editor of the Malibu & Santa Monica PATCH, Jessica Davis. With her cool props like her Lime Yellow Media Vest, she took the kids through what it’s like to be a reporter for Malibu and how exciting that can be. Her wow factor came when she said that she could run the entire show right from her SmartPhone. The kids were in shock and truly inspired.

Super BIG thanks to awesome Principal Phil Cott, the Teachers and Librarians of Webster, as they run the best Elementary School there is, thanks to their love for what they do and commitment to giving the kids something unique and inspired to ponder.

But more than that, I want to thank all the kids for coming, listening and stealing all my ROLLOS!!! You better have shared them with your Moms on Mom’s Day or I’ll track you down and padaddle your noggens!! (Not sure what that means actually, but it hurts!!) You guys were awesome!!

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