Wes Nielsen hysterically Vlogs his FIREBALL GALLERY Install…

Great Vlog from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT as he installs his work into THE FIREBALL GALLERY.

Watch below… but better yet, go see the work at The Murphy Auto Museum.


Things are heating up for THE FIREBALL GALLERY opening on May 11th at The Murphy Auto Museum. All the artists are locked and getting ready…

Who are they? Well, I’m glad you asked.

WES NIELSEN… Automotive Photographer

GEOFF OMBAO… Automotive Illustrator

CHRIS GARCIA… Automotive Illustrator



Visit THE FIREBALL GALLERY at the Murphy Auto Museum…

THE FIREBALL GALLERY is the World’s Best Nostalgic Automotive Art Gallery at The Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard California, dedicated to creating awareness for creative artists in the Automotive community. Photographers, Sculptors, Painters, Illustrators, Cartoonists, Pinstripers. Every three months, the Gallery will rotate 5-10 artists.

To Submit your work, EMAIL 12 pieces as small jpgs to Fireball Tim Lawrence – Fireball Gallery Director at askfireball@fireballtim.com



The Murphy Auto Museum – 1930 Eastman, Oxnard, CA 93030

(805) 487-4333

A PUSH and a SHOVE… from the Daily Driver Project

Recently I was sitting in the pad, my place, the abode and watching the fantastic movie SOLO.  This isn’t the first time I had seen it. I watched in on the big screen with Fireball just before it came out officially in theaters. Thanks Fireball…

This got me to thinking about my friendship with him and with others.

In March of last year, I stepped from behind the camera to in front of it and started my “It’s Car Show Day!” Vlogs.

It was a little strange at first being in front of the camera instead of behind it, but as time passed and I made more and more of them (66 as I type this) it becomes more comfortable and a whole lot of fun.

Now I had been hemming hawing about doing it and had talked to Fireball about this on a couple of occasions. He just kept telling me to do it. Don’t over think it, just do it and as you can see if you watch any of my recent videos… I have.

Sometimes in life, you need a push (as do I) to get up and do something.

You need that friend that will encourage you to move. To execute on whatever the task is in front of you.

Then there are the true friends that understand when a push just isn’t enough and you need a shove. They know that you won’t crumble with that shove. They understand that that extra hard push will get you to a better place and they will be there to support you in all of it.

So Fireball, my friend, thanks for the push.

And remember everybody “IT’S CAR SHOW DAY!”

Editor’s Note: “You’re welcome, my friend. Nicely done.” FT

BIG TOYS & Little Toys… from The Daily Driver Project

December has begun and the Toy Drive Car Shows have started too…

Car people give back a lot. A whole lot.

So when we get to the month of December, it’s all about Toy Drives. Toy Drives are all over SoCal for the whole month and Hot Rodders fill their vehicles (their big toys) to the brim with fantastic toys for kids in need.

This is what I love about being part of the automotive community. They are always giving back. All year long, they give back for many different causes and it’s not always money. And in the case of December… it’s toys. It’s just being able to help out and can be as simple as volunteering your time. Just being able to do what you can do.

The Toy Drives that happen in SoCal range from simple and small to huge. But huge may not even qualify for the size I’m talking about as one car show fills semi truckloads of toys. Just massive amounts of joy for kids that may be getting nothing for the holidays.

So, as December goes on… get out, help out, reach out. Find ways to give back.

And as always, keep that heart big my fellow Hot Rodders.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

GOING thru the GRIND… from The Daily Driver Project

Photos from WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu…

There are many days in my life, as I’m sure there are in yours, that you’re just going thru the paces. Just getting up… going to work… coming home and doing it again and again. Much of life is monotony and just doing the same over and over again.

But life is filled with wonderful, fantastic, bright and beautiful moments as well as the low moments.

All of these waves and even the calm seas make up our lives.

What I have found in my years on this earth is you have to learn to enjoy the grind and the monotony. These routines help us get thru the day even if many times they aren’t all that exciting. These habits are many times what define us as people.

And trying to find your routine can really help.

So keep trying new things by adding and subtracting things from your routine.

You’ll find that your productivity… and day will roll along smoother than you may expect.

The routines can be for small things, everyday tasks or large jobs and an example for me is after coming home from covering a show. I unload the video and photos from my cameras, charge the camera batteries, and sort thru all that information. Then comes editing and out-puting that to my website and YouTube channel.

Find peace with your routine, your grind and your day. You will see that your every day routine becomes your peace of mind… day in and day out.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES… from The Daily Driver Project

So Sunday was one of those days…

Wheels and Waves was Sunday at its new location. Because it was at a new location, Fireball asked that we show up at 6 am to go over the logistics of the location.

Cool, I’ll get up a little earlier and head out. Well, that is what I thought…

Saturday night, I could not sleep and I rolled around until 3 am before I fell asleep and I had to be up by 4ish to make it to Malibu by 6 am. I’ve survived on 1 hour of sleep before. But Sunday morning, I rolled over to look at the clock and realized it was 5:55 am… and I’m still in bed! Panic! Panic! Adrenaline filled my body… a cold shower woke me up… and out the door I went.

I showed up at 7 am when the show started and it was fantastic. I really dig the new location, but there is something you have to always remember when the day starts off bad. You have to roll with the punches.

“A bad moment doesn’t mean you have to have a bad day.”

You have to learn to just let that hiccup, that mistake, that whatever that had started the day off bad… go. Turn that frown upside down (I just flashed back to being 4 years old).

Whatever works for you to get past that moment and work on making the rest of your day great. Even if there is another issue, always trying to work towards a better day will just make for a better life.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner ofThe Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE tohis Vlogon Youtube.

FINDING FAITH in PATIENCE… from The Daily Driver Project

What do you mean it can’t happen now? What do you mean this article isn’t already written?

Welcome to the thing I struggle with the most…

Patience in today’s society is something that many a person struggles with. You can get immediate satisfaction thanks to the internet. You can get things answered, you can purchase something… and depending on where you purchased it from, you can get it the same day or the next day. The world is moving towards getting everything immediately.

Now, I’m willing to wait for an order. I can wait in line. I can even wait for something I want to purchase (like new camera gear).

Where the patience disappears for me is when it comes to where I’m at with The Daily Driver Project. My goal has always been to make that my full-time job. To have it be everything that I do… every day.

So how do you find ways to build your patience? For each person it will be slightly different, but for me, I use a couple of things.

First I use small or short goals that I can accomplish. Getting things done and focusing on that goal keeps me moving forward.

The next is for the longer or bigger goals. I use a couple of things for this, but the biggest is just keeping your head down and putting in the work. You just look up every so often to make sure you’re still on the right path. I also chop the bigger goals into smaller ones so they are easier to accomplish.

As they say, patience is a virtue and I try to have that be a part of me. Learn to wait and put the work in to get you the things you want to get done.

Life is too short to be in that constant state of impatience. Take a breath and learn to wait for the things you want. It will make those things even more special when they finally come into your life.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

INSPIRATION is all around you… from The Daily Driver Project

Inspiration is all around you. You just have to be open to it.

Everyone has off days, even me. But you just have to be open to the things around you that give you inspiration. That gets you out of your funk. That inspires you and motivates your day.

For me, inspiration can be a YouTube video, an Instagram post, a movie or a song. Many of my friends and family are inspirations and make me want to create and continue to create.

I find it in the vehicles that I get to see and take pictures of… find it in the world around me… and in the small details.

Music is a big part of my weekly YouTube videos and at times I can hear a song in my head as I walk thru a show. I can see the movement, the cuts, and everything about how the video will lay out. The beats, the movement of the song inspires the outcome of the video.

Even with inspiration all around you, there can be those days that just aren’t working. I have those days where you just want to draw the shades and hide from the world. You just have to face those days and find the things that motivate you to get out. To get things done.

Look around you for inspiration every day. Be open to letting that inspiration in… and your day will blossom.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

Why do we love a NEW CAR SMELL?? Today’s Daily Driver Project…

Ah yes, the old saying “I love that new car smell.”

Not everybody loves a new car (as in 2018 new car), but they love a new car just for them. If it’s a classic simple used car or even a new car… it’s really about it being NEW.

What we really love, is things that are new. A new thing to you always gets you excited, Well, it always gets ME excited.

I’ve had a lot of new to me lately. I recently upgraded both the cameras I use and started a new job. Yes, I love the new. It excites me!

I love the learning process and wrapping my head around new things and making them my own.

Wheels and Waves, the show that I put on with Fireball & Ken has something new coming as well. It’s moving its location across the street from where it was this last month and I’m excited about what the NEW LOCATION can hold for us in the future.

Now, the new can wear off as you get used to whatever that new thing to you is. Which can make that thing boring or just plain old, but you need to change that mindset.

Why change that mindset?

Because new gets you out of bed in the morning. New gets you motivated to do things. And New gets you excited.

Treat every day as NEW!

Wes is the Owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

Fireball and July Coffee Sponsor PAUL GRISANTI of MalibuRE.