WHEELS AND WAVES 18 coverage from The Daily Driver Project…

Again, Wes hits it outta the park with some great coverage last weekend’s WHEELS AND WAVES with our guests SIMON RHEE and JOHN PAUL DEJORIA!

Check it all out below, but hit this link to see ALL HIS SHOTS, baby! Be sure to catch the VIDEO below too!

WHEELS AND WAVES #18 is this Sunday…!

Don’t miss this Sunday’s WHEELS AND WAVES at The Malibu Country Mart!

Cancel whatever you have… say “no” to whom ever you have to… and bring your car to the “BEST CARS & COFFEE IN LA!”

Why? Well, because we get the likes of Keanu Reeves, Dick Van Dyke, Johnny Banks and tons of other celebs! But…

…if you don’t come, I’ll have to drink all the coffee myself, probably get arrested for running in circles screaming “Life is So Awesome!” and playing with all the free Hot Wheels I’m gonna give you guys. Plus, Stuntman SIMON RHEE will be there and he’ll probably throw me off a building as a demonstration. Seriously.

Oh, oh, and if I DO get arrested, someone call Kathie ’cause I’ll probably leave my phone in the back of the Cop Car… after I throw up all the coffee.

Or… you could just come to the show and help me avoid all that?

Fireball’s WHEELS AND WAVES Cars & Coffee Show is this Sunday!

Yup! Rain of Shine, Fireball’s WHEELS AND WAVES Car Show is on! (If it rains, we may just be doin’ the Java…) But if the sun peaks, then it’s FREE COFFEE, FREE HOT WHEELS, Celebrity Guest SIMON RHEE and a SURPRISE!

This month’s Coffee Sponsor is MAGMOTORS!