What you need to know in getting ready for WHEELS AND WAVES July 19th…

WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is still confirmed for Sunday, July 19th and here’s some things that are happening…

• The first 65 cars to roll in will get HOT WHEELS and our all-new SUNSET MALIBU Coloring Book FREE!

• The COFFEE BEAN is now officially gone, so you’ll either need to bring your own coffee or hit a Starbucks on the way in. There is a S-Bucks across the street also.

• Be sure to watch our VLOG SHOW PLAYLIST of past events here as you never know who will be coming. The entire parking lot has been RE-PAVED!

• If you have any concerns about Covid-19, then wear a mask. PERIOD. And DON’T COME is you have a compromised immune system or are feeling under the weather. GET HEALTHY and come the next time!

Our friend Paul Grisanti is running for Malibu City Council, so come and support him! Buy a Coloring Book on Amazon and we’ll DONATE TO DOG RESCUES!!