Wired Magazine visits Hollywood…

Had a great time today with the help of Terrence and Jon from Wired Magazine. They came down from San Francisco to see wus up with Cars in Hollywood. So… we showed ’em. And we had a blast!

And since Wired Mag is a Tech-Lifestyle mag, they wanted to know all about the high-tech stuff like… the Corvette Limo from Mystery Men and of course, the General. Ok, not so high-tech, but we discussed other things, too. Like the REDSTER, which is about to leave for Atlanta.

Btw, new Build Episode up Monday, right here. BIG shout-out to the guys from Wired. Passionate about cars and friendly as can be. Get Wired, ’cause it’s fulla cool stuff.

Photos by John Faulkner.

Gonna get WIRED…

Headin’ to the shop this morning to meet up with the folks of WIRED Magazine. They’re comin’ in to talk about movie cars and electronic doodads. Take pictures and all that.

Hope I don’t have spinach in my teeth…

Wait. I didn’t eat spinach for breakfast. COOL! Besides, I don’t really like spinach all that much. It’s kind of like eating alien guts. Well, …creamed spinach anyway.

But I’ve had my coffee and will probably have more. THEN, it’s off to another meeting to do more whatchamacallits. And THAT, will be fun.