EPISODE: Fireball hits the Crookedest Street in the World…

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New World of Cars Episode, DELOREAN…

Here we go with Streetfire! Our first episode, “Delorean” marks the beginning of episodes revealed on the #1 site for car content. And we have our own exclusive channel, THE FIREBALLED CHANNEL. It’s here. There will be all kinds of new stuff coming as well as episodes we’ve previously done, so check it out when you can. A new episode very Thursday! Enjoy!


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Houston is GOIN’ OFF!



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Back from filming my new MyRide “World of Cars” episodes with my crew of CamermanDan and OllieBentley AKA “The Photodude,” I’ve had a chance to reflect on the wild people of Houston, Texas. Passionate about cars to say the least, but unique as well… (Uh, CamermanDan is the one wearing the leg warmers…)

Coming in the next few weeks to MyRide will be an episode about the DELOREAN MOTOR COMPANY. Yes, Super cool DeLorean info… with Texan secrets. PLUS, we had a chance to hang with the folks at the Houston Art Car Parade. Some of the most insane vehicles to date! Parade expert Robin Wagner told us all about it and knows a heck of a lot about crazy cars!! There was a bazillion people there and about 250 entries. Kind like SEMA, only completely different.

Weather was a perfect 91 degrees with about 95% humidity. BWA!! BUT, we had a great time filming, and the episodes are gonna be outrageous!!

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