Fireball Sketch of the Day… X-MEN

Just a quick comp done in 2002 for the film XMEN. Professor Xavier on the ramp… about to get creamed.

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… New #XMen Trailer #FlashGordon #Gambit #BatmanSuperman


• WATCH! Here’s the new X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURES PAST Trailer… it’s Xtreme.

• The STAR TREK 3 doods are doin’ a new version of FLASH GORDON… Mercilessly.

• Will Channing Tatum be playing GAMBIT in the upcoming film? Well, he’s had a meeting and that mean coffee and a treat. Um…

Hans Zimmer is scoring BATMAN/SUPERMAN… Zippidy Do SMACK!



WATCH! X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURES PAST First Full Trailer… #xmen #newmovie #xmenmovie

Pretty epic if I do say so… and I do. PEEP IT!

First Shots: XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST… #xmen #comics #movies


Here’s a few shots from the upcoming XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, plus a creepy viral vid for Trask Industries. Again, ROBOTS.

XMDFP1_Fireball-Tim  XMDFP3_Fireball-Tim

FROM THE SET… Captain America & XMen


Some great shots from the sets of both CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER & Magneto kickin’ butt in the new XMEN. Fighting, shooting, swimming, falling, dropping, drowning, standing. Wonder if there’s any talking? Guest I’ll have to pay $14 bucks to find out…

Some photos:


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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Star Wars Music, X-Men, White House Down, Getaway…


• John Williams will be scoring STAR WARS EPISODE VII… Like, JJ. wouldn’t dare use anyone else. He says…

We’ve certainly talked about that, and I’m happy and willing to do it. J.J. Abrams, who will be the director, seems excited about the idea. I have to say that J.J. is a much younger man than I, but I will try to keep up with him as much as I can.

We now have the benefit of all this computer simulation and technical work that wasn’t even possible 20 or 25 years ago. I don’t know how hands-on George Lucas will be — I suspect he will be to some degree — but I can only imagine how excited he must be, to have a director like J.J. have all these tools at his fingertips to produce something even more adventurous technologically. I can’t wait to see what he will do with it.

Also, a great shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique (on-set in make-up) for the upcoming XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Plus, POSTERS from WHITE HOUSE DOWN & GETAWAY.

xmen-firstlook-jenniferlawrencegetaway whitehousedown-finalposter-tatum-foxx-full

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Podcast Episode #7

Cool. It’s what we do here in the garage, and this week is no different. Fireball brings us the latest Hollywood Movie News regarding National Treasure 3, XMen 4 and 5 and Justice League, we both have a star sighting and it’s almost Tim’s birthday!

Plus another King Tahoe update with K&N and a sneak peak of an upcoming cool interview! Finally, don’t forget our Facebook contest!. I mean, we are giving away a car to 1 lucky winner as soon as we hit 100 fans over there. Help us out, spread the word!

Enjoy the Show!

Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage Episode 7
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The Hollywood Garage Podcast #2

We’re back again! Talking about cool stuff from Hollywood as we like to do like **X-Men First Class** as seen above, **Logan’s Run**, **Die Hard 5** and a bunch of other movies that we picked from Tim’s blog!

Also, our first interview this week with the world famous **Uncle Joe Benson**! He has been in and around the music industry for years and you probably know him best from **KLOS**. Or, maybe from **auto racing!**. Yes, he has a team of cars, among other things, that you can see over at

Stick around! Next week we will have a new feature that we are sure you will love and the following week we’ll have **Dave Kunz** from ABCTV in LA on to talk about the cars he likes!

Finally, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (click like on the right). We are also pleased to announce that you can **finally** get The Hollywood Garage Podcast in iTunes!

The Hollywood Garage Episode 2
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Spoiler! Now we know that the XMEN plane eats the dust. But why? Ahh…. a Mystery. I like mysteries. Can you guess? And as always… when my plane went down, if I had a choice, it’d be on a tropical beach with lottsa coconut, guavas and a few island girls. Maybe a couple of Bullitt Mustangs wouldn’t be bad, too.

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