MASSIVE LUXURY YACHT PULLS INTO MALIBU – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 689 – Prior to leaving to The Murphy Museum, Fireball spots this MEGA YACHT as it PULLS INTO MALIBU. Besides a Yacht in Malibu, Fireball heads to The Murphy Museum to meet the MUSEUM ALLIANCE OF VENTURA COUNTY. Plus some fun stuff with Kathie.


(Formerly known as Associated Historical Societies and Museums of Ventura County) is a consortium of 32 historical societies, museums, and tourist bureaus in Ventura County.

Founded in 1988, by Mary Schwabauer, President Emeritus, and others, in an effort to familiarize members with programs at each institution and exchange information regarding developments and issues in the county historical community while jointly support the unique missions of each entity.

The group holds two county wide meetings yearly hosted at one of the Museums.

The Museum Alliance of Ventura County continues today to be a unifying presence in Ventura County Museum activity.

It actively promotes our wonderful museums by publishing a yearly brochure that is distributed throughout Southern California.

Through this web site we will expand our ability to help visitors become aware of the multitude of cultural and historical places to visit in beautiful, scenic Ventura County.

COOL DESIGN hits like a Saturday…

Now, we’re talking design news of the day! Although the SMARTcar has been around a while, the finished product is never like the concepts. But this new SMART FORSTARS is headed to the Paris Auto Show looking razz-daddy. That’s Greek for Niiiiiicccceeeee…..

The coolness never ends here at the cusp of the future, the FTBlog. So, it is with gracious intent that I lay down the Saturday Concepts of Cool starting with MovieBabeArt by Chris Bourassa, the ICARE Hybrid Yacht by Mael Oberkampf, the Bloodhound 1000mph Rocket Car, more DanceArt by Cristiano Siqueria and a final Wicked Ferrari Concept.

Prosperity comes through the Creative Process. So get creative about how you can be in tune with it. Think prosperity and prosperity comes. Think cool cars… and voila! Have a great Saturday, folks!

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Ben Walsh designed Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu Yacht Concept…

Just the most gorgeous yacht ever to grace the “not waves.” Why? Because this is a concept yacht. Bummer. But when it is built, it will be spectacular. As I’ve mentioned in other postings, we are all designers of some sort. I just happen to design cars, but this guy Ben… he’s got the boat thing down.

What does inspired design do? How do we feel when we see and experience it. What visions does it create for us? Inspiration is a gift from God. This we know. And what is God? Well, that’s easy. …God is Love and we Love design. Things that inspire us to advance and be more. To create more.

Today is Monday. Get out there and BE MORE. Go farther than yesterday with what you do and GIVE LOVE to it. Then watch as your world changes. And right now? I’m gonna change to go to the gym. 😉