MAN OF STEEL Spot 4 & new POSTERS keeps the motivation…

Man of Steel Poster

4th Spot for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL reveals just a bit more to fly you to the theater June 14th…


MAN OF STEEL TV Spot #3 gives the chil in 30 sec flat… #manofsteel #superman


Rarely can a 30 second spot give me the chill, but the MUSIC in Man of Steel is awesome. Be prepared for June 14th…

Incredible MAN OF STEEL Trailer 3… “The S stands for Hope…”


Why can’t all movies be like this… Opens June 14th.

BIG NEWS! Bale, Nolan and Snyder building JUSTICE LEAGUE…


Sine Batman is the number one Superhero franchise, WB letting Bale out of the loop is a bad idea. This we know. SO,…

…looks like the news is that Christan Bale, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder will team up (along with Superman’s Henry Cavill) for the new upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Bale and Cavill to star, Nolan to Produce and Snyder to Direct… off the heels of MAN OF STEEL and the just development greenlit MAN OF STEEL 2.

Avengers, look out. And JJ… get that Star War Thang goin,’ will ya!!!


WATCH! MAN OF STEEL Trailer is awesome on a whole new level…

Man of Steel

Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL is what serious film-goers have been waiting for and finally the influence of Christopher Nolan is taking shape. This version of SUPERMAN is sure to make history.

Finally! WATCH “MAN OF STEEL” Trailer!

Long awaited, MAN OF STEEL looks as if it will get behind the gritty reality motif started by Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight. A sure bet for success. What do you guys think?