Celebrate Fireball Friday with BONUS JURASSIC WOODIE SKETCH!

Happy Friday, folks! Hope you’ve had a good one and had a chance to check out today’s ART TALK LIVE this morning? It’s here. Talkin’ INSPIRATION today and where it comes from… But let’s celebrate the end of the week with some shenanigans starting with this JURASSIC WOODIE SKETCH! 65 Million Sketches in the making, ppl… and them stone-ass tires were tough to build!

PLUS, a cool Jeep spotted in Oxnard and a fan checking out the Camaro I was skirtin’ through Malibu. She was diggin’ it.

I’ll be at Ventura Cars & Coffee this Sunday so c’mon down and let’s have a convo!

Custom Truck Art


Escape from New York Duke Cadillac Art

In a further bleak dark future where an entire region of the United States has now become a walled prison, the legacy of Snake Plissken is back in ESCAPE FROM THE EAST. But now, the legend lives on through his daughter, CRISPY PLISSKEN. Raised amidst the chaos and lawlessness of this dystopian world, Crispy inherites her father’s grit and determination to an extreme level.

But fate has a cruel twist in store for her…

Accused of a robbery she didn’t commit, Crispy finds herself thrust into the very same situation her father had faced years ago. Branded a criminal and captured by the authorities, she is given an ultimatum: undertake an impossible mission or rot in a cell for the rest of her days.

Tasked with infiltrating the heart of the lawless territory, Crispy is to confront the infamous Duke (thought to have been killed, but now Cyborged) and his eerie inbred psychotic offspring, known only as “KID.” A far more unstable and violent terror. A mission fraught with peril, with every step potentially leads her closer to a bloody demise.

With a steely resolve burning within her, Crispy embarks on her journey to ESCAPE FROM THE EAST, navigating through the treacherous streets and shadowy alleys of a far worse condemned region that now extends from the bowels of Virginia to the Borders of Canada. Along the way, she encountered allies and foes alike, each one testing her mettle and resolve. And with a surprise from Snake himself…

As she delves deeper into the heart of darkness, Crispy realizes that she is not only fighting for her own freedom but for the future of the entire East Coast. And potentially the world. The Duke and his cronies held sway over the populace with an iron fist and hundreds of Cadillacs, and their tyranny is now choking the life out of the country.

But Crispy is not one to back down from a challenge. Armed with her wits and her father’s violent legacy, she squares off against the KID in an extreme showdown for the ages. A battle of wills and strength, with a Nuclear fate of millions hanging in the balance.

In the end, Crispy may emerge victorious and topple the tyrants to restore hope to the oppressed masses. Will she?? Her name would be etched in the annals of history alongside her father’s, a beacon of defiance in a world consumed by darkness.

And as she potentially stands amidst the ruins of the old world, Crispy knows that the spirit of freedom will never die as long as there were those willing to fight for it. ESCAPE FROM THE EAST is the battleground of the East Coast, becoming hers and hers alone alone, with a massive twist that no one would ever see coming…

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BONUS SKETCH! The Mummy, Bonkers Capri & Tony Dow…

I’ve always been fascinated with movies that would have been better with a Cool Car. But sometimes, my pen gets a bit bonkers, like in today’s case. I wondered what THE MUMMY would be driving, so… here’s a bit of MUMMY MUSCLE for you guys! Spot the Ark of the Covenant??

Plus, a heavily modded Ford Capri that I spotted recently in the wild and a shot of my two best peeps. Bruce Meyer from THE PETE and best friend TONY DOW before he passed. We did a ton of Car Shows together.

ART TALK tomorrow from my Facebook Page at 8am(pst) Join me!

This is what the Mummy Drives Ford Capri Bruce Meyer and Tony Dow Zeltango Custom Car Art

STAR WARS meets DUKES in Fireball’s crazy DUKE OF SAND Story

Dukes of Hazzard Star Wars Sandcrawler General Lee Art

In the dusty outskirts of Tatooine’s desolate landscape lies a small town called Mos Hazzard. Among its spirited inhabitants are the Dukewalker siblings – Bo, Luke, and Daisy – along with their wise and resourceful uncle, Jesse… and the DUKE OF SAND.

Life in Mos Hazzard was as unpredictable as the twin suns that scorched the horizon each day. But when an abandoned JAWA SANDCRAWLER was discovered half-buried in the dunes, the town’s fate took a thrilling turn.

The Dukewalkers, renowned for their ingenuity and daring escapades, saw the Sandcrawler as an opportunity for something extraordinary. With the Empire tightening its grip on the galaxy and rumors swirling of a new Sith Lord lurking in the shadows named DARTH SHERIFF, Mos Hazzard needed a symbol of hope.

Under the guidance of Uncle Jesse, the siblings began modifying the Sandcrawler, transforming it into a formidable vehicle capable of outrunning Imperial patrols and standing up to the Empire’s latest threat. Bo, the skilled mechanic, souped up its engines for speed, while Luke, with his knack for tinkering, added jump thrusters salvaged from old podracers, turning the Sandcrawler into a gravity-defying marvel. Daisy, known for her sharpshooting, rigged the vehicle with an arsenal of blasters and explosives, ready to fend off any Imperial entanglements. And she did it with a sexy flair.

As word of their audacious plan spread, the people of Mos Hazzard rallied behind the Dukewalkers, each contributing their skills and resources to the cause. Together, they transformed the Sandcrawler into the ultimate symbol of rebellion against Imperial tyranny.

But their newfound hope was soon put to the test when DATH SHERIFF descended upon Mos Hazzard with his legion of Deputroopers. Determined to crush any resistance, DARTH SHERIFF unleashed her fury upon the town, unleashing chaos and destruction.

In a daring showdown, the Dukewalkers, piloting their modified Sandcrawler, led the charge against the Sith Lord and her forces. With speed, agility, and firepower, they outmaneuvered their adversaries, striking blows against the Empire’s tyranny.

In the heart of the battle, as the twin suns cast their final rays upon the battlefield, the Dukewalkers faced Darth Sheriff in a climactic high speed showdown. With courage and determination, they stood united against the darkness, proving that even in the most unlikely of places, heroes could rise to challenge the might of the Empire. And as the suns set on Mos Hazzard, a new hope dawned in the galaxy, fueled by the indomitable spirit of its people. Oh, and Yeehaw…

Get the DUKE OF SAND now in Fireball’s Garage!!


Fireball busts out RICH CORINTHIAN LEATHER Sketch…

1977 Chrysler Cordoba Classic Car Art

“RICH CORINTHIAN LEATHER…” In the 1970s, amidst the backdrop of cultural shifts and evolving automotive trends, one car emerged as a symbol of luxury, style, and sophistication: the CHRYSLER CORDOBA. While the Cordoba boasted impressive design aesthetics and engineering prowess, its unprecedented success in the market can be attributed, in large part, to the ingenious strategy of celebrity endorsement by Ricardo Montalbán. CHECK IT OUT NOW IN THE GARAGE!

Montalbán, a distinguished actor with a suave demeanor and unmistakable Latin charm, became the face of Chrysler’s marketing campaign for the Cordoba. His endorsement lent an air of exclusivity and allure to the vehicle, captivating consumers and solidifying its status as a must-have luxury car of the era. It was Sexy Cool…

One of the key elements of Montalbán’s appeal was his connection to exotic Latin culture. With his roots in Mexico and a career that spanned Hollywood and Broadway, Montalbán embodied the essence of sophistication and refinement associated with Latin flair. By aligning the Cordoba with Montalbán’s image, Chrysler tapped into the allure of exoticism, appealing to consumers’ desires for elegance and distinction. This also opened up the idea to many other car companies.

Montalbán’s endorsement highlighted the Cordoba’s association with luxury. With its sleek lines, lavish interiors, and cutting-edge features, the Cordoba epitomized opulence on wheels. Montalbán’s endorsement served to underscore this luxurious image, positioning the Cordoba as a status symbol coveted by those who valued prestige and refinement.

Beyond its association with luxury and exoticism, the Cordoba’s success can also be attributed to its distinctive design aesthetics. In an era dominated by large cars with bold styling cues, the Cordoba stood out with its elegant proportions and refined details. From its iconic Corinthian Leather seats to its classic chrome accents, the Chrysler Cordoba exuded timeless sophistication, appealing to discerning consumers seeking a blend of style and substance.

The success of the Chrysler Cordoba in the 1970s was propelled by the strategic use of celebrity endorsement from Ricardo Montalbán. By leveraging Montalbán’s image and charisma, Chrysler effectively positioned the Cordoba as a symbol of luxury, exoticism, and refined design aesthetics. Through this innovative marketing approach, the Cordoba captured the hearts and imaginations of consumers, leaving an indelible mark on automotive history. Big and Beeeeeutiful… **See what OTHER MOPARS are in the Garage!

Fireball helps BATGIRL fight crime in CHICAGO of 1955…

Batgirl Batmobile 1955 Fireball Art

In the bustling streets of 1955 Chicago, a shadowy figure known as BATGIRL soared through the night sky, her cape billowing behind her as she glided over the city. The masked vigilante who struck fear into the hearts of criminals and brought hope to the innocent. But she needed a new ride. So… she reached through time to Fireball.

Also known as Barbara Gordon, she had arrived in Chicago to investigate a string of mysterious crimes plaguing the city. Rumors whispered of a syndicate of unique female villains, each more cunning and dangerous than the last. Women like STILETTO and THE BLACK ROSE. But Batgirl was undeterred, armed with her intellect, strength, and the most advanced vehicle of its time – the nuclear-powered Bat55, equipped with a drone attachment that provided her with aerial surveillance, thanks to some help from the year 2024.

As she prowled the streets, she encountered her first adversary: the elegant yet deadly Femme Fatale named STILETTO, a master of disguise, deception and deadly heelps. Using her intuition, Batgirl unraveled Stiletto’s intricate web of lies and illusions, cornering her in an abandoned theater where the villainess attempted to ensnare her with hypnotic powers. But Batgirl’s willpower proved stronger, and with a swift kick chop doubler, she brought the evil femme to justice.

But the night was far from over...

Next on Batgirl’s list was the ruthless Baroness Blitz AKA THE BLACK ROSE, an heiress turned criminal genius who sought to control the city’s underworld with an iron fist. (Two, actually) Utilizing her ingenuity, she outsmarted Blitz’s elaborate traps and gadgets, turning them against her. With a burst of strength, Batgirl shattered Blitz’s plans and left her bound for the Chicago Cops.

Yet another challenge awaited Batgirl as she confronted the enigmatic EMPRESS OF ESPIONAGE, a master spy with a network of informants at her command. Drawing upon her own network of allies and resources, Batgirl intercepted Empress’s schemes and dismantled her spy ring, leaving her nowhere to hide but at THE GRAY BAR MOTEL.

But the final, most formidable opponent awaited Batgirl in the form of the QUEEN OF QuAOS, a mad scientist whose inventions threatened to unleash chaos upon the city. With her nuclear-powered Bat55 and Drone, Batgirl tracked the Queen’s lair to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. A Suburb near Volo. There, she faced a gauntlet of traps and minions, each more dangerous than the last.

But this Bat Wonder remained undaunted, using her wit and strength to overcome every obstacle in her path. In a climactic showdown, she faced the Queen herself, their battle shaking the very foundations of the warehouse. And with a burst of ingenuity, Batgirl disabled the Queen’s doomsday device and apprehended her, bringing an end to her reign of terror. The BAT55 pinning her against the walls of burning warehouse!

As the sun rose over the skyline of Chicago, BATGIRL stood victorious, the city safe once more thanks to her courage and determination. And as she disappeared into the shadows, her legend lived on, a symbol of hope for the people of Chicago and beyond. A dark vision in a dark steed known as the BAT55…

AND NOW… it’s in the Fireball GARAGE!

Fireball finally SKETCHES Mad Max MFP INTERCEPTOR…

The MAD MAX MFP POLICE INTERCEPTOR has been requested more than any other car… so let’s get to it!

In the post-apocalyptic world of MAD MAX, where chaos reigns and lawlessness prevails, the police cars stand as ominous symbols of authority and power. These iconic vehicles, known for their rugged appearance and formidable presence, were not just creations of fiction but masterpieces born from the minds of talented designers and the hands of skilled craftsmen. And now… it’s a FIREBALL SKETCH!

The visionary responsible for the design of these dystopian marvels was Jon Dowding, an Australian production designer renowned for his work in the Mad Max franchise. Dowding’s vision for the police cars was to create imposing yet functional vehicles that perfectly encapsulated the law enforcement of a world gone mad. Drawing inspiration from military hardware and repurposed civilian vehicles, Dowding crafted designs that were both menacing and believable in the desolate wasteland depicted in the films.

However, bringing Dowding’s designs to life required the expertise of a team of craftsmen, led by master fabricator Murray Smith. Smith and his crew worked tirelessly to transform ordinary vehicles into the iconic POLICE INTERCEPTORS that have become synonymous with the Mad Max universe. From sourcing salvaged parts to custom fabricating armor plating and weaponry, every detail was meticulously crafted to ensure authenticity and functionality.

One of the most striking features of the Mad Max police cars is their distinctive color scheme. Unlike the bleak and de-saturated palette often associated with dystopian worlds, the police cars in the original Mad Max film were adorned with vibrant red, white, yellow and blue accents. These bold colors served as a stark contrast to the grim and gritty backdrop of the post-apocalyptic landscape, adding a sense of irony to the vehicles’ ominous presence. You would see them coming…

The choice of colors was a deliberate decision by Dowding and director George Miller, intended to symbolize the remnants of order and authority in a world consumed by chaos. The red, yellow, and blue hues harkened back to the traditional colors of law enforcement, albeit twisted and distorted by the harsh realities of the Mad Max universe.

The cop cars of Mad Max were not merely vehicles; they iconic symbols of a world gone mad. Designed by Jon Dowding and brought to life by craftsmen like Murray Smith, these imposing machines stand as testaments to the creativity and ingenuity of their creators. And with their bold color scheme, they serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, traces of order and authority can still be found amidst the chaos.

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Mad Max Police Interceptor Fireball Art

Sunday BLUES?? Fireball’s got you covered in BLUE COOLNESS

Sometimes, the BLUES can set in on a Sunday. But no worries ’cause Fireball will lift your spirits with the POWER OF THE BLUE! Snag one of these on a MUG, CANVAS PRINT of SHIRT and the BLUES will head for the hills!

Oh, and Happy Sunday, folks!

Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art Fireball Tim garage Custom Car Automotive Art

If FIRE were a personality in FILM, she’s be THIS…

In the grand theater of existence, few characters are as captivating and formidable as FIRE itself. Like a protagonist in an epic saga, fire possesses a personality that is both mesmerizing and primal, driven by an insatiable need to burn hot and consume everything in its path. In countless movies and TV shows, from EMERGENCY to BACKDRAFT, fire is portrayed as a force to be reckoned with, possessing its own unique arc of life and eventual extinction.

Today’s new SKETCH with the EMERGENCY SQUAD 51 embodies FIRE as this character. Beautiful, powerful, yet DEADLY. Check it out IN THE GARAGE!

At its core, fire embodies the essence of passion and intensity. Much like a hero driven by a noble quest, fire blazes forth with an unwavering determination, fueled by the energy of both the living and the inanimate. Its flickering flames dance with an otherworldly grace, drawing in all who dare to behold its mesmerizing beauty.

In the classic TV Show EMERGENCY, fire takes center stage as both a destructive force and a symbol of hope. It challenges the brave firefighters who battle tirelessly to contain its fury, pushing them to their limits and testing their resolve. Yet, amidst the chaos and danger, fire also serves as a beacon of courage, inspiring acts of selflessness and heroism in the face of adversity.

Similarly, in BACKDRAFT, fire is personified as a cunning adversary, lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike. Like a complex antagonist, it feeds on fear and uncertainty, consuming everything in its path with relentless ferocity. But as the story unfolds, fire also reveals its vulnerable side, its destructive nature ultimately leading to its own demise.

Just as every character in film must face their own journey, so too must fire confront its inevitable fate. As the flames grow weaker and the embers dim, it is a reminder of the transient nature of all things. Yet, even in its final moments, fire leaves behind a legacy that cannot be extinguished—a testament to its indomitable spirit and enduring power.

In the end, fire is more than just a physical phenomenon—it is a symbol of transformation and renewal. Like a PHOENIX rising from the ashes, it embodies the eternal cycle of life and death, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie within the flames. So the next time you gaze into a crackling fire, remember the personality that lies within, and marvel at the timeless tale it has to tell. And don’t forget to follow Fireball on INSTAGRAM!

Emergency Squad 51 Fire Truck Art

BONUS SKETCH!! Plus, Art Talk Live and this weekend’s EVENTS

What a stellar week it’s been here in the GARAGE… with 3 NEW SKETCHES and 3 episodes of ART TALK LIVE!! But that pales in comparison to THIS WEEKEND’s EVENTS!!

Let’s start out with a Fireball BONUS SKETCH of the Green Hornet Black Beauty! “LET’S ROLL, KATO!”

On today’s ART TALK LIVE, Fireball lays out this weekend’s events starting with CONEJO VALLEY CARS & COFFEE tomorrow and then to a Music Event in Santa Barbara, but Sunday is off the hook with MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy, PEP WILLIAMS Lowrider Photography Exhibit at the Malibu City Gallery and a Celebration of Fireball’s friend Derek Schimming who recently lost his life on PCH last week… at Legacy Park in Malibu. So… it’s an important weekend.

Light a fire under yourself and GET BUSY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. The only thing that matters truly in this world is just that. LOVE. For your family, for your friends, for your lifestyle and yes… for CARS. Have a great weekend folks! (Can you name who that is with Fireball below??)

Green Hornet Black Beauty Sketch Art Talk Live with Fireball Tim Barry Weiss and Fireball Tim

Speed Racer Coffee Mug