EMERGENCY Squad 51 gets called to the Fireball Tim Garage…

Been wanting to do this SKETCH for a long time and more requests on this one that even the BATMOBILE!

So today, we launch SQUAD 51 from EMERGENCY! And we’ve got some really cool stuff in THE GARAGE here! One of my favorite shows as a kid, I dreamed of being a Fireman and going on many adventures. These guys were likable, heroic and exciting. Although I became a DESIGNER instead, I’ve always admired Firefighters like no one else. If you personally know one, then give them the RESPECT they deserve.

DID YOU KNOW?? The “Squad 51” in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum is the last of three vehicles of that model used during the filming of Emergency!. The first was a 1972 D300 1 ton truck cab and chassis. This squad appeared in the first two seasons. An identical 1973 D300 appeared during the third season. LA County Fire Station 127 (Station 51) in Carson City, CA, is preserved as it was during filming of “Emergency!” The station is dedicated to the memory of the show’s producer Robert A. Cinader.


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